The Mountain Stream

                            The Mountain Stream may start as a trickle, but along it’s Journey it becomes bigger, it picks up steam on the way down the mountain, it becomes wider as it makes it’s path, nothing gets in the way or it will be flushed down along with it, the Stream can be relaxing to sit and listen to, it can also show it’s fury as it gets stronger with faster current, til it reaches it’s destination at the bottom in the river, as it enters with a splash.

                             Some Streams are small and some much larger, just like us as Humans, as God created us both, Humans and the Stream are both very dirrerent and very similar at the same time, sometimes what troubles us, builds up inside us, til it explodes within us, unless we fix what is wrong first before it gets to that point, the Stream as it flows down the mountain, also has obstacles to overcome, so it widens it’s banks to move around it, to continue to flow down the mountain.

                            In this God created Earth, we tend to overlook all it’s resources, that can help us understand along our Journey, because we don’t want to acknowledge or show our weaknesses, but what we come to understand, sometimes when its too late, that if we just acknowledge our weaknesses, so we can fix them, then our future would be so much better, by showing our weaknesses with a few tears, only makes us stronger with confidence, to move forward into the future, along our Journey of Life.

                             When we sit and really listen to the stream, we will find it actually talks to us, with its actions as it flows down the mountain, it is showing us that it to moves along a path in it’s life, it has obstacles to overcome, much like us in our Journies, but if we overcome our obstacles, we to can flow as easy as the stream, then continue our Journey we walk in our lives, with confidence and be better in our future.


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