The View from the top of the Mountain

                            Mount Albert in Leadville, Colorado is such an amazing mountain to see from the ground level, but at 14,500 in elevation it is even better from the top.

                            While trekking on mount Albert, you come across a variety of different wilodlife, like mountain lion, ram sheep, elk etc… you also come across a piece of early America, like small towns or individual buildings left behind by early settlers, moving along this great country, these buildings were built in a time where there were no home depot’s ect… but with their hard work and know how, these buildings are still standing in the back country of Colorado today, to experience the real beauty of Colorado, you need to experience it from the real back roads, or the roads less traveled today.

                            Once you are on top of the highest point in Colorado, as you look onto the horizon, you become in awe of all that is around you, the evergreens below look as if, you can walk out onto them, the clouds look like you can just reach out and touch them, when you see all the other mountains around you, you feel like you are on top of the World.

                             Just like in Life, being on top of the Mountain, isn’t what it looks like, it still may be beautiful to look at, but when the reality sets in, we tend to bury the truth of our situation, so we can then live in our fake dream World, so we can escape from what troubles us, these same troubles will always be there, they keep coming back til we finally except them for what they are, fix what is wrong, so we then can move forward with our lives, with strength and confidence. then, when we rise to the top of the Mountain again, we can see the real beauty of what we see, without the fake dream world part.

                             God made this Earth with alot of resources for us to use, so we can live our lives with strength and confidence, he wants us all to be happy, so the hatred will stop, these resources are there for all of us, when the going gets tough, but instead alot of us just simply, bury the hurt deep inside ourselves as to forget and protect from further harm, this does nothing but increase the hurt for a later time, when we use these resources to our advantage, then we can fix all what is wrong, so there will be no more hurt, no sadness and no more hatred, which will make this World a happy one and is what God envisioned for all of us, when he created this Planet.


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