Football Season is before us once again

                            As we all look forward to another football season, cheering on our favorite team, rooting for our favorite player, this is a sign that summer is on the way out and winter is on the way in, this is part of all our lives, whether you like football or not, the seasons change, just like we as Human Beings change, throughout our lives and as we walk our Journies.

                              The New England Patriots are my favorite team, they to as an organization have gone through changes as this summer winds down, with all the hype of Arron Hernandez, the Patriots have cut ties with him, as they move forward without him, Yes there are guys on the team that call him a friend, but all current players on the team, in order to move forward and be successful, need to cut those ties also, so the whole Patriots organization can be on the same page.

                             The Patriots led by Owner Bob Kraft, which is the best owner of all sports, will prove to all of us, as the season carries on, that they can as a team, move forward and be better then ever, with all being on the same page and that page is, hard dedicated work, each and every week, building that bond between each other, focusing on the now, which will help forget the past and make the future better and stronger.

                             Now during the season, there will be some in the media that bring up the subject of Hernandez from time to time, but you will notice how fast they move on to the next question, as this shows us that, in order to move forward and be better, we to need to turn the page of our lives, by not dwelling on the past, just glance at it to remember, so it makes our future stronger, while we get on the page of happiness in our lives.

                             The New England Patriots are a Professional organization, that happens to be a very good Football team, led by the Coach Bill Belichek and Quarterback Tom Brady, with these two and the competitive nature they both have within themselves, the rest of the team will pick this up quickly, as the whole organization will once again be on the same page, then all the fans by the end of the season will be saying Hernandez who.


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