The Mother of Pearls

                            God created all living things on this planet Earth, everything he created and all that happens to each living thing, happens for a reason as God leaves that part up to us, he always forgives us, he adds to our responsibilities and with that demands more from us, when we all have our troubles we look to God for guidence, for he will always forgive us, he does leave it up to us, to find out the why’s of the trouble, so he can guide us to a new and better path on our Journey.

                            Oyster’s are a living creature as we are on this Earth, it compares very much to us as we walk our journey, the only difference is we walk apon the Earth, the Oyster glides through the open Sea, the Oyster being a Crustacean, is a bit crusty or rough on the exterior, but on the inside it has a pearl, the Pearl is a beautiful Gem that brings out the beauty of all who wear it, to think something so beautiful came from something with such a rugged exterior? Shows that even us as Humans can have a rugged exterior, but inside we shine as bright as the Pearl.

                             Oyster’s become so rugged on the exterior, cause they go through alot of terrible storms, they are also dragged on, stomped on, pushed around and preyed apon, very much like a Human, the Oyster also goes along it’s journey of it’s exsistence, they both have rugged exteriors, but more importantly what is inside each, is nothing short of beautiful, it is just sometimes that inside never gets a chance to shine, sometimes we become so rugged with a shell that is too strong to crack, that we never share who we really are with those around us, it’s whats inside us, that we share with Society, so we all can live in peace and happiness, without the hatred.

                            God created this Earth thinking of every last detail, it is us as Humans through our evolution, that have wandered away from the details, with our selfish ways and thoughts, just like the Oyster, we cast a rugged exterior, with an inside that is the most precious thing, of all the living creatures on this planet, God will always forgive us from what we have done, we need to show him we are thankful of him, with our actions, finding out the why’s of our troubles, get back to the details of our lives, so we can show our insides to all and this Society can get rid of the hatred, so we all can live in peace and happiness, while the beauty of the Pearl shines throughout the Earth and lights up our paths along our journey.



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