Forgive ourselves, before we can forgive

                            We are all born into this world that God has created for us, no matter how old you are, we are always learning as we walk our Journey of life, throughout life there are many hurdles and crossroads, no matter how enticeing or how much we have been enticed to follow a certain path in life, it is our decisions that we make, which puts us in the situations we get into.

                             In order to forgive other’s who may have enticed us, we first need to forgive ourselves, for making those decisions, so we then can take the steps necessary, to fix ourselves and move forward with strength and confidence.

                              Nobody has ever said life was easy and those that did, never really was tested and lived a sheltered life, even when life is going good, we get tempted with twists and turns everyday of our lives, this is God’s way, it is his way of tempting us, much like Satan tempted him, this is why we need to stay vigilent and learn everyday, when we give in to this temptation this is when the trouble starts, it is then we need to work even harder, to keep from all the hatred, with the total belief and hope of God himself and showing our love, then releasing our true feelings and emotions, the learning of the why’s, will keep us from the temptation.

                            Forgiving someone is alot easier when we forgive ourselves first, when we forgive ourselves we are excepting that we have troubles that needs fixing, this is when the real work begins, but if we always remmember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, then the work we do, won’t seem so bad, yes it may be a long road, to find the right path, but with the right support, the belief in ourselves and the Lord God himself, that long road will change and we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

                              From quick glance as we walk our Journies, we see the other’s along our way, they seem fine? But what we don’t know is, they to have their struggles, they just seem to hide them, like ourselves, so as to protect themselves, very much like we ourselves. We all have our troubles, some more extreme then other’s, which is why we need to show more love towards one another, so all the hatred will go away, when we do this, then we as a Society will be a better place to live.


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