Blinded in our lives as we walk our Journey

                            As the people with eye blindness, walk their Journey in darkness all their lives, the rest of us also walk in blindness at times in our lives.

                             We start our Journies so pure, with no worries, no cares and an open mind, but along the way we all go through some life events that change this, sometimes engulfing our entire lives.

                             All the Blind Individuals that walk their Journies in darkness all their lives, we to walk in blindness at times, as when these life events happen and change us into something we are not, we go through a variety of different feelings that we don’t understand, like denial, fear, shame, to name a few, within these feelings we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, to protect ourselves from all the pain and suffering that may come from them, while we walk our journies through these troubeling times, we do so in blindness, with no real understanding of what is going on with ourselves.

                             Blindness is a word we use to describe the people with no sight, but true blindness happens to all of us at one time or another, through this blindness we tend to put a fake self forward, so we can hide in plain sight, to protect ourselves from our pains and hurt, we then keep walking forward with no meaning or a cause in our lives, God is always with us, no matter how we walk our lives, but when we have true faith and believe in God, is when we can understand the why’s, remove the blinders and be free from all the pain and hurt, so we can walk our Journies with total freedom and happiness.

                             When we have true faith and believe in God, we then can truely believe in ourselves, except all the pain and hurt, fix all that is wrong, with total understanding of what has happened, so we then can move forward with our journies, resurect all our true feelings and emotions from our suppressions, so we then can remove the blinders, see the light at the end of the tunnel and be happy with confidence, to achieve everything that may come across our paths, as we walk forward on our Journey of life.


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