Fear is alot more then just a word

                            Fear is alot more than a word that we say, Fear is a feeling that affects us in many ways, it’s not just going to a horror flik and then fearing going to bed, cause we may have a bad dream, Fear affects us in our everyday lives whether we want to admit it or not.

                              Fear is a natural feeling we have, that we take for granted as when we fear something, we tend to shut ourselves down, in order to try to make it disappear, it causes our subconscious to set aside whats real and replace it with something that is fake, to protect ourselves from further harm, when we fear the truth or excepting the truth, we then supress this feeling of fear, shut ourselves down and put forth this fake self, so we can try to move on with our lives, all this does is compound the issues to a later date, which makes this Fear come back stronger, than if we addressed it as it happened.

                            Fear is a feeling we all have, what makes us avoid this word fear, is the pain and hurt it brings, we as Human Beings do not want to feel this pain and hurt, this is natural, but what we do to avoid it, only brings more hurt than what we need to go through, Fear is real, we need to look at it differently, like a sign that there is something wrong, so we can then fix what is wrong as it is happening, as this word  will not hurt us as bad as it does.

                            We fear this word “Fear” so much, that we let it cloud our judgements, we supress it along with our true feelings and emotions, so we then “try” to minimize all the pain and hurt we feel, but what we are really doing is, making this fear greater then it has to be, as it comes back so strong, that everything we do blows up in our faces, to the point where we come so confused, that we see no way out, Fear is just another component and a feeling in our lives, that when we control it, all is good, but when we let it control us, we then become out of balence, when we become out of balence, then everything we do, just seems wrong no matter what, even if it is right.


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