We all Hurt in our own way in our lives

                            When we are hurt it is our bodies way of healing us from harm, we may shed tears, or even scream loudly, whatever we do it is a way of our body to heal and protect us from that harm.

                             Hurt comes in many ways towards us, it may be physical, or it may be mental, we all get hurt in some way during our Journey through life, it is how we handle that hurt, that determines how we walk through life.

                            Life is like a Rose bush, when all is good it is beautiful and makes for great times, but when we falter we slide into the thorns and then we hurt, til we fix whats wrong and get back on the pedestal of the Rose.

                             When we hurt we try not to cry, as this from what we are taught, shows that we are weak, crying does just the opposite, it actually makes us stronger, cause we are accepting what is wrong, then correcting what made us cry, so we can move forward stronger with confidence, sometimes when life’s events happen to us and we suprress our true feelings and emotions, we don’t know how to cry, so we then don’t ever shed a tear, we then put on this fake smile, to hide ourselves from reality, in hopes that our problems will just disapear, this is not how it works, when things happen to us, we need to cry, so we then can start the healing process, which will then make us stronger moving forward, with the confidence to achieve anything we set our sights on.

                              Crying is a sign of strength, it helps us heal from all harm, it also shows that we are in touch with our true feelings and emotions, it helps us feel good about ourselves, so we then can bring that same good feeling, to those that are around us, which brings a feeling of happiness to Society, instead of all the hatred we have know.


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