Change within ourselves and our Society

                            True change within ourselves and our Society, can be a scary thing if you let it be, you are changeing things that have become a safe zone to you and what has kept you from further harm, when you change, you are now getting into something that is of the unknown, which makes us fear change and not even wanting to try it.

                             We all get caught up in the routines of our lives, or the comfort zones of our lives, as these comfort zones are a way for us to protect ourselves from further harm, we know everything and anything that will happen throughout our daily lives, it is a way for us to stay in control.

                             When we change things, now we are entering into the unknown, now you don’t know what is going to happen and we can’t control any situation that comes across our paths, which is why we are all afraid of any kind of change.

                             Change, when done in the right way, can be a very good thing for all of us, as this will help us move forward in life, with confidence and strength, it will also help us understand about ourselves and that we can achieve anything we put our minds to, for real true change, we have to accept who we are and accept the change we are making, so we can forget where we were and move forward with the change, so we can be better and stronger, while having the confidence to make the change work.

                             Change can be scary, yes. Change does not have to be hard, when we do it the right way, it will be the best thing for us moving forward, true change is like exploring the unknown, but if we make it fun to learn and grow, with this change,  the unknown will be well known before we know it, as we find out even more about ourselves, that makes us better and stronger, as we move forward with confidence.


True Equality within our Society

                            In the eyes of our Lord God, true equality encompasses each and every one of us that walks this planet, regardless of who you are, just remember “who is first is last and who is last is first”.

                             With these words, is what God uses to show each of us, that in his eyes we are all equal, he shows no favorites, or does he show any kind of discrimination towards anybody or anything.

                             We in this Society, have distorted these words, by trying to put ourselves above all other’s, God does not look at where you are, as far as status in your community, he also don’t care how much money you have, or how successful you are in your carreer, greed is what is killing our humanity, as God tried to show us through his son Jesus, when he walked this Earth, with only the clothes on his back, for us to see the true meaning of the words, “who is first is last and who is last is first”, we all within this Society, need to change not only ourselves, but our ways in which we walk our Journey of life.

                             We in this Society are so very unique in our own way, but yet we are all truely equal within this Society as one, until we change and really understand those words, this Society will always be filled with hatred and a you against me mentality, which is a mentality that will never work, in a World so big.

                             All we have to do is stop, look around in our daily lives and we will see just what this Society has become, no matter where you go, all you see is other’s putting themselves above all, in the eyes of the Lord God, nobody is above anybody, not even God himself, God walks along with each of us and until we see this, this Society will never know true equality, or even true happiness, which then explains why we have so much hatred in our Society.

                             Happiness and Good will always win out in life, we just have to see it and live it, just like when Saten confronted and tempted Jesus, Jesus saw the good and happiness, then he lived it, so as to show us that it does work and we all can live and walk our journies as one, with true happiness and equality, all while remembering the words, “who is first is last and who is last is first”.


Being Spiritual while staying grounded

                            We are all on this Journey called life, there are many paths to this journey, of which none of them are the wrong one, just that some have many more hurdles and twists to overcome.

                              While walking our own journies, no matter which path we chose to take, we all have times of uncertainty, frustration, a feeling of being lost, why me, ect… During these times we tend to lean on God with prayer, we pray and pray, but he seems to be ignoring us? When you totally believe and have complete faith in God, he never ignores any of us, he does his work by sending us messages, it is up to us to see those messages, or we wiil become stagnent and forces us to lose this faith and believe, because we don’t see the messages.

                             God created this Earth with a plan, a plan that included all of us, we to have to work daily, to see his plan and his messages he sends us, sometimes these messages are right in front of us, we just have to slow down, take the time to reckcognize these messages, so we can move forward with strength and confidence, to accomplish all that may bring us trouble as we walk our journey.

                            God never speaks to us, but with true belief and faith in him, we can see these messages clearly, as if he was truely speaking to us, everything that goes on around us, or happens to us, has a purpose on our journey, we just have to keep the faith and truely believe, to see the messages of God, so we can achieve our goals, overcome the hurdles, straighten the twists, to become truely happy with ourselves, then with this true happiness, as God’s plan, we then share with all of the Society, so we can be a Society of one and not a Society of divided and hatred.


Judgement Day

                            We all make judgements in our everyday lives, some of these judgements affect other’s as some affect things in our lives, as we make these judgements, we do so in two ways, 1) we make a well informed judgement, or 2) we make a judgement that is ilinformed, like determining our judgement on one aspect and not the whole picture.

                             Either way, we make judgements everyday, sometimes we make them without even realizeing we did so, then we have to live with the consequenses.

                             A Judgement can be small and triviual, but more often than not, a judgement is something that not only affects ourselves, but those around us as well, which makes it even more so, that we need to dig deep and look at the big picture, before we cast our judgements.

                            Sometimes as life events happens to us, we tend to suppress as this forces us to hide all the pain, while we suppress we forget who we really are, than proceed to carry on in our lives, with this fake identity, then while this fake identity is present we make judgements that, not only hurt us further, but those around us as well, this is a cycle that is more common than we want to admit to, it is a cycle that if you did a study of each of us, we will find that, it effects a huge number of us, nobody wants to admit to our faults, as this shows weakness, we are taught to never show weakness, be strong and hide the tears, but what we are really doing is hiding our true selfs, which makes us hurt even more, as we make bad judgements that compounds all our issues .

                            Judgements are another factor in our Journey of life, that helps us be strong, be happy and live our lives in confidence, so when we come to any crossroads on our journey, we make the right turns, so our paths will always reward us with good, when we make bad judgements, then we make bad turns on our path, which leads us to, unhappiness, low self worth or feelings of weakness and no confidence in our abilities, to achieve anything we want.

                             Our Journey through life has alot to it, in order to do it right, some of us get lost with all life throws at us, some may find it easy and just move along without a worry, but no one gets away with making a bad judgement, cause we didn’t think it through before we made that judgement, some may confuse a judgement with a choice? There is a big difference between them, as a judgement is final and a choice is a decision you make at a certain time, which later you can change, if that choice turns out as a bad one.

                              A Judgement is a way we make final, our choices that we make on a daily basis, before we make these judgements we need to think through our decisions throurghly and really know what we are making a judgement on, as sometimes a judgement can not only hurt ourselves further, but also those around us as well.


In Today’s Society of job hunting/economy

                            In Today’s World and state of the economy, our Politicians will tell you that things are turning around for the better? Yet there are still Companies laying off?

                            Companies today are still unloading jobs, at the expense of the middle class, which are the ones who make this economy work for all, Companies are learning that they still can turn a profit with less payroll expense, this extra money is going somewhere? like padding the pockets of the Execs or maybe paying of some Politicians, so they can recieve some tax breaks?

                             All the ones on a layoff, are out there trying to jump through loops, to land their next career, but to the Corporations its all a big game, the Corporations are trying to find the right person/persons that will work for less money, while the people on layoff, are trying to find the right Corporation that will pay them more? While during the interview process, each of the parties say good to your face, then stab your back when you turn around, this is the way of the “Political Correction” era, it’s this same political correction that is killing our Society today.

                              People of today are afraid to say anything to anybody, for fear of offending other’s, instead we all get caught up in being overly nice face to face, then when your back is turned out comes the knife, these kind of people that do this, have a major problem themselves, it’s called “low self esteem”, this is something that effects us all, no matter how successful you think you are, if our ForeFather’s were like this, you think America would of turned out as the strongest and best Country on the planet? Our ForeFather’s worked very hard to get us to where we are today and were not afraid to tell other’s what they really thought of them, we the people of today are doing nothing but destroying everything they worked hard to build.

                             When you think about fixing our broken Society, we first need to look at fixing ourselves and burying this thing called “Political Correction”, never be afraid of learning or hearing the truth, as this is how we begin to fix what is wrong, when the truth is out there, then there is nothing more to hide from and we then can move forward with strength and confidence, then we can show more love of one another, as we walk our journies of life together, within a strong Society with less hate of each other.


Stir the pot instead of shaking the pot

                            Working as a Chef and creating a fine dish for the judges, the best sauce is stirred not shaken, as this makes your sauce so smooth, that it just slides over your dish with elegance.

                             With all these propoganda shows on Foxnews and CNN, they do nothing but shake the pot, as this creates havoc and hate of each other, cause you don’t see their side of the point, each show has a narrator that leads the discussion, then you have a panel, useally of at least two individuals, one on the right and one on the left, this is supposed to work as a casual discussion, but the narrator asks the question, then each one responds with their view, but when the other don’t like the view being made, they talk over that person in order for others to see only one side, all this does is bring out the hatred of each other, cause it only ends in argueing instead of a civil discussion.

                             When the Narrator asks a question of the panel, 99% of the time the question never gets answered, as the words of the question gets altered and they dance around the question, like a Fiddler on the roof, these type of shows are supposed to inform us of the truths, instead they do nothing but shake the pot and bring out all the hatred in our Society.

                             The Human aspect of “I am right and you are wrong”, is everything that is wrong with our Society and it is this mind set that needs to change, we all have our issues, but when we neglect ourselves and try to move forward as an incomplete, that is where the problems of our Society start, we need to step back, fix ourselves by stirring graciously, as opposed to shaking vigorously, in order to keep the contents smooth and keep them from being all messed up, when all is smooth we tend to love more, instead of all being shaken, which tends to breed hatred.

                             Being more in touch with our true self’s, will be great for our Society, as this will bring more love of one another, help ourselves be better and stronger with confidence, so we all will be more into just stirring the pot, as we all walk our journies of life, we can do so smoothly while spreading the love, instead of shaking the pot, being messed up and spreading the hatred, we go through this Journey once, so let’s do it the right way, so we all can be truly happy, without the pain and anger, that the hatred brings, which does nothing but shake the pot and turns each of us against each other, the smoother the sauce is, the happier for all involved, which is why stirring the pot, is better then shaking all day everyday, as we walk our Journey of life.


Steroids and other drugs are killing our Humanity

                            The use of all Drugs do nothing but alter our perceptions and judgements, the use of Steroids not only change our appearence, in the way we look outside, but changes our appearence on the inside as well, like going into fits of rage and not only hurting others, but hurting ourselves, the biggest thing steroids bring to our Society is, Hatred and with this we become a broken Society.

                             With all the news this past week, of an Icon’s son within the Boston sport’s scene, shows just what steriods does to the person and also shows that with this drug, it changes not only our bodies appearence, but our bodies mind for the worst, this drug should be destroyed totally, as it only breeds this hatred, that makes our Society broken.

                             You have Sport’s player’s of all sports, using this drug to get the edge on their fellow sports player’s, another words you have players that will cheat, instead of doing it the right way, only because they are lazy and do not want to put the real work in, so they opt for the easy way out, all these players that use this drug, need to be banned from their sport for lifetime, we need to send a drastic message and this message should be sent that, in no way shape or form, will the use of this drug be tolerated and you will be banned from ever playing, to show that it does not pay to cheat.

                             My Prayer’s go out to the Parent’s of this young girl, who lost her life because of this sensless rage attack, I also send my Prayer’s to Jerry Remy (remdawg) and his wife, so they to can make sense of this senseless rage attack, from the use of this killer drug of Steroids, that their son was addicted to, Steroids is a drug that not only alters our bodies appearence, but changes our minds in a negative and violent way, the use of this drug is sensless and should not be accepted by anybody.

                             When you look at how this Society became broken, you need to start with the use of these kind of drugs, people take these drugs cause they are looked at as cool, we need to change this mindset, so we look at any drug use as stupid and not acceptable, these drugs breed nothing but hatred, which we have way too much of in our Society, we need to clear our minds, let it work the way it is suppose to, so we can bring more love to our Society, which will fix this broken Society, it all starts with each and every one of us, as we fix ourselves, we not only make ourselves better and stronger with confidence, we also do the same within our Society.


The Mountain Stream

                            The Mountain Stream may start as a trickle, but along it’s Journey it becomes bigger, it picks up steam on the way down the mountain, it becomes wider as it makes it’s path, nothing gets in the way or it will be flushed down along with it, the Stream can be relaxing to sit and listen to, it can also show it’s fury as it gets stronger with faster current, til it reaches it’s destination at the bottom in the river, as it enters with a splash.

                             Some Streams are small and some much larger, just like us as Humans, as God created us both, Humans and the Stream are both very dirrerent and very similar at the same time, sometimes what troubles us, builds up inside us, til it explodes within us, unless we fix what is wrong first before it gets to that point, the Stream as it flows down the mountain, also has obstacles to overcome, so it widens it’s banks to move around it, to continue to flow down the mountain.

                            In this God created Earth, we tend to overlook all it’s resources, that can help us understand along our Journey, because we don’t want to acknowledge or show our weaknesses, but what we come to understand, sometimes when its too late, that if we just acknowledge our weaknesses, so we can fix them, then our future would be so much better, by showing our weaknesses with a few tears, only makes us stronger with confidence, to move forward into the future, along our Journey of Life.

                             When we sit and really listen to the stream, we will find it actually talks to us, with its actions as it flows down the mountain, it is showing us that it to moves along a path in it’s life, it has obstacles to overcome, much like us in our Journies, but if we overcome our obstacles, we to can flow as easy as the stream, then continue our Journey we walk in our lives, with confidence and be better in our future.


The View from the top of the Mountain

                            Mount Albert in Leadville, Colorado is such an amazing mountain to see from the ground level, but at 14,500 in elevation it is even better from the top.

                            While trekking on mount Albert, you come across a variety of different wilodlife, like mountain lion, ram sheep, elk etc… you also come across a piece of early America, like small towns or individual buildings left behind by early settlers, moving along this great country, these buildings were built in a time where there were no home depot’s ect… but with their hard work and know how, these buildings are still standing in the back country of Colorado today, to experience the real beauty of Colorado, you need to experience it from the real back roads, or the roads less traveled today.

                            Once you are on top of the highest point in Colorado, as you look onto the horizon, you become in awe of all that is around you, the evergreens below look as if, you can walk out onto them, the clouds look like you can just reach out and touch them, when you see all the other mountains around you, you feel like you are on top of the World.

                             Just like in Life, being on top of the Mountain, isn’t what it looks like, it still may be beautiful to look at, but when the reality sets in, we tend to bury the truth of our situation, so we can then live in our fake dream World, so we can escape from what troubles us, these same troubles will always be there, they keep coming back til we finally except them for what they are, fix what is wrong, so we then can move forward with our lives, with strength and confidence. then, when we rise to the top of the Mountain again, we can see the real beauty of what we see, without the fake dream world part.

                             God made this Earth with alot of resources for us to use, so we can live our lives with strength and confidence, he wants us all to be happy, so the hatred will stop, these resources are there for all of us, when the going gets tough, but instead alot of us just simply, bury the hurt deep inside ourselves as to forget and protect from further harm, this does nothing but increase the hurt for a later time, when we use these resources to our advantage, then we can fix all what is wrong, so there will be no more hurt, no sadness and no more hatred, which will make this World a happy one and is what God envisioned for all of us, when he created this Planet.


Football Season is before us once again

                            As we all look forward to another football season, cheering on our favorite team, rooting for our favorite player, this is a sign that summer is on the way out and winter is on the way in, this is part of all our lives, whether you like football or not, the seasons change, just like we as Human Beings change, throughout our lives and as we walk our Journies.

                              The New England Patriots are my favorite team, they to as an organization have gone through changes as this summer winds down, with all the hype of Arron Hernandez, the Patriots have cut ties with him, as they move forward without him, Yes there are guys on the team that call him a friend, but all current players on the team, in order to move forward and be successful, need to cut those ties also, so the whole Patriots organization can be on the same page.

                             The Patriots led by Owner Bob Kraft, which is the best owner of all sports, will prove to all of us, as the season carries on, that they can as a team, move forward and be better then ever, with all being on the same page and that page is, hard dedicated work, each and every week, building that bond between each other, focusing on the now, which will help forget the past and make the future better and stronger.

                             Now during the season, there will be some in the media that bring up the subject of Hernandez from time to time, but you will notice how fast they move on to the next question, as this shows us that, in order to move forward and be better, we to need to turn the page of our lives, by not dwelling on the past, just glance at it to remember, so it makes our future stronger, while we get on the page of happiness in our lives.

                             The New England Patriots are a Professional organization, that happens to be a very good Football team, led by the Coach Bill Belichek and Quarterback Tom Brady, with these two and the competitive nature they both have within themselves, the rest of the team will pick this up quickly, as the whole organization will once again be on the same page, then all the fans by the end of the season will be saying Hernandez who.