Being Lost as we walk our journey of life

                            We all walk this Journey, it is a journey of long and a journey that throws us many curveballs along the way, some may find a way to hit these curveballs out of the park, others still struggle with them, then become lost within themselves, trying desperatly to just fit in with their lives.

                           As we all walk our journey’s, each path we chose throughout life, their are these life events that happen to each of us, some of these events are minor, some of these events are so major they change our lives forever moving forward, as these major events happen to us, we try so hard to bury them so we can move on, we also bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, we then portray this fake self, so we can move forward with our lives, while we have buried our true self, we then have become so pervious to pain, that we feel nothing, whether physical or mentally, when other’s cry of their sorrows, we then shut it out without shedding a tear, to protect ourselves from future harm, this is an unhealthy way, but a way we find to move on, to prevent future pain from affecting us.

                            Sometimes these life events happen at a young age, when we are in no position to fully understand them, so instead of communicating them and feeling ashamed for what happened, even though it wasn’t our fault, we then bury or supress them deep inside us, so we can move forward with our lives, but what we don’t realize is, by supressing them we are just putting them off for a later date, as they will come back to haunt us later in life, when they do come back, they sneak up on us, bringing greater pain then if we just took care of it when it first happened, so subconsciously we then further supress them even deeper, to keep the pain from hurting, it’s a big circle in our lives that keeps happening until we accept what has happened, accept the pain and suffering, get all the past supressions out of us, fix ourselves, so we can finally move on, be free from all that has hurt us, get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, so we can be happy and live our lives with confidence, cause it is that happiness and confidence, that helps Society grow and rid the world of this hatred we are in.

                            Our Journey of life may be a long one, but we don’t have to make it hard as well, with good communication and being in touch with our true feelings and emotions, our journey will be that of happiness and confidence, true happiness isn’t just smiling at other’s as we walk this journey, true happiness is when we have confidence of who we are, without hiding ourselves in plain sight, to avoid the truth, when we are true to ourselves, we then find it very easy to be truthful towards other’s, when we have truth, we then can gain trust, to which we then can have the faith to move forward on our Journey and not be lost within ourselves, which will give us true happiness and confidence. 


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