Walking our Journies, while having faith and trust

                            We all walk our journies of life, at the crossroads some may take a different path than others, there is no wrong path through life, sometimes on our paths we encounter great pain, some being physical or some being mental, these are the times in life, we need to stay strong, look towards our faith of God, accept it and fix what is wrong as it happens, so we can continue our journey, with confidence and strength moving forward.

                            Life is not about living in the past, as that time is gone and we can’t go back, life is also not about the future, as we can’t predict what is going to happen, but what each of our lives are all about is living in the present, or the now a place where we can control what we do, our destiny’s and when we can do this properly, then the wrongs of the past will be corrected without us even noticeing and the future will just fall into place as we move forward with confidence.

                            Life for each of us has it’s difficulties, some of those difficulties have a different degree level to them, but it is how we deal with those difficulties, while showing our faith in God, to guide us through our journey, no matter what happens and no matter what we do, God will always love and forgive us, he shows us this as when one door slams in our face, there is always another door of oppurntunity that opens for us, it is our responsibility to see that door and walk through it, instead of walking around aimlessly and lost.

                             We are all born into this World and have a Mother, Father and Siblings, this is our family here on Earth, they love us in the same way God loves us everyday of our lives, what alot of us do is either take this for granted, or we lose sight, which makes us confused and lose trust in ourselves and those around us, without this trust, we then walk through life with blinders on with no rhyme or reason, having trust and faith in our lives, makes all our lives and our journies through life so much easier, as we then walk our paths with strength and confidence, to address any situation we encounter.

                            God sent his only son to us, showing us this journy of rightousness, that also there will be temptations along the way, but when we have faith and trust in him, we will find that strength, so we can have the confidence to move forward on that same path and move forward along our journey of life. This trust and faith hold true in our lives today, when we lose this, then our lives become messed up and full of confusion.

                             The new Pope is in Brasil now, reminding us that God’s love for us is still there, he never faulted us, as we have faulted ourselves by losing this trust and faith in ourselves and all those around us, to get rid of all this hate in our lives and around the World, we need to find this trust and faith, so we can then be happy and bring this happiness to the World within our Society.

                              Trust and Faith go a long way in each of our daily lives, without it we become lost and go through life with no rhyme or reason, with it we than move through life much easier, with the confidence and strength to handle any temptation that may cross our path, God will always love us no matter what we do, just like the love of our Parents, we all need to see this love, so we all can be truely happy as we live and walk our journies of life.


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