True Communications is key to living our lives in balence

                            When we are born into this World and growing up with our Peers, we live in our safe zone, where our Parents protect us from any harm that may come to us, but along the way there may be some harm that does find us and it is then that we need to communicate, thouroughly with confidence about that harm, so those issues can be dealt with then and not later, cause it’s the later that hurts us deeply.

                             To communicate, is to be true to self, without hiding anything and not being afraid of any further hurt, when we truely communicate of what harms us, then we can be totally free of future harm, which brings us to respect, have trust and live our lives in total happiness.

                             We as Humans will have certain life events that shame us, our first reaction is to shut it out, for fear of it hurting us, but by shutting it out we then do additional damage to ourselves, by surrpressing our true feelings and emotions, we also in our subconcious are saying, if I shut this out than I will make myself pervious to all pain that comes my way, this is our way of putting up a wall and not letting anything, whether good or bad, affect us ever again.

                              This shutting down of ourselves and not truely communicating to those close to us, in the long run is hurting us more then the event itself as it first happened, it is Human Nature to protect ourselves from harm, but the way we do it without communicating to those close to us, will always put our lives out of balence, which then we become something that we are not.

                            Communications is not just talking about your favorite sports team, or maybe chatting with a friend at the diner, or the local watering hole, communications goes alot deeper then that, it is what keeps us happy with the confidence, to move forward in life, to be better and stronger everyday of our lives.

                              Whenever these life events happen, it’s the way we communicate them, that makes these events less of, instead of surpressing them, so they become bigger than what they should be, it’s like not washing your car of the road salt from the winter roads weekly, by putting it off from week to week, eventually your car becomes so caked with the road salts, it becomes harder to scrub off than if you did it then, when you first thought it.

                               Communication is key in our lives to keep us in balence, it also keeps us closer to our loved ones without subconsciously pushing them away, it also helps us trust other’s more and respect anything or everything, which may cross our paths, these life events may knock us out of balence, but when we stay true to ourselves and truely communicate with those around us, our lives will stay in balence, which will give us the confidence, to move forward and be better and stronger throughout our entire life.


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