The Royal Baby

                            Don’t get me wrong, the royal Baby is a blessing to the Royal family and is also so precious and special.

                             There are millions of babies born all over this planet, each of them precious and special to their families, which to these families their babies are there little prince’s and princess’s, they are also treated royally in their own families.

                            It is the Media that makes it out, that the Royal Baby is the only baby that matters on this planet, alot of this is us as a Society that lets the Media have the control like this, when we can just shut the TV off or turn the channel. It takes alot more then one, to make up a Society and also people with strong roots, that bring good along with that growing up, Babies are a special time for all Parents, as this shows true love by two Individuals, that cherish their child as they grow and to those parents, their child is their royality.

                            Having a child is a special time, whether you are in a royal family, or just an ordinary family, living your life in love, respect and happiness, the Media should give do to all the special babies born on that day and not just one, as this will show true equality to our Human race, instead of putting one above all the other’s.


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