Be safe/Make good decisions

                            In this Society we live today, these words “be safe/make good decisions”, need to be in the for front of our thoughts more than ever, all the happenings in the world as we speak, show that we make bad decisions and are unsafe all the time.

                             Just look into the sports world, here you have Individuals that not only have a chance to be great role models, but have been handed an oppurntunity to play a sport, for great amounts of money, then they go out and make bad decisions, that lead them and others around them to uncertainty and unsafe behaviors. Yes you will have a few Athletes that do it right, but the scary thing is, you have way too many that do not, then that leads to the younger Generation seeing this and then try to do the same, thinking that they are smarter and can beat the odds.

                              Sports is and always will be, a great influence on our children as they grow up, we all want to be the best at what we do, but unfortunatly you will always have the cheaters, that try to beat the system, no matter what you do it all washes out at the end of the day, everything catches up eventually, which means the cheaters never win, the real true Athletes, that do it right, may sometimes feel during their career, they don’t get the respect, will get all the respect when they are done and are looking back.

                             Just like in sports, life is not easy, there are alot of hurdles, twists and turns, we all want to take the shortcuts to cheat life, so we can live free and easy, but just like in sports, there is no free and easy way, it is those hurdles, twists and turns, that teaches us to be safe/make good decisions, so we can live our lives in peace, with love, strength and the confidence to move forward, this is what makes us better and stronger, then as we bring this to Society, we help Society to be better and stronger as well.

                            No matter how you live your life, no matter who you are, or even what background your from, when we all live our own lives safely/make good decisions, life will reward us with the good in our lives, when we make bad decisions/and are unsafe, life will always throw us a curve ball, that we will always swing and miss, til we get it right. God does this to test us, see where we are in our lives, so we can move forward instead of backwards, with the confidence and strength in all we do. Life is about peace and harmony, so we can be safe/make good decisions, then bring happiness to our Society, instead of hatred.


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