Sunday Morning propaganda/ Hospitality

                            One of the biggest days of our lives which was created by God is Sunday, it is suppossed to be the day of the Sabbath, a day in which we need to rest and spend it with family. This day and age, we have taken this day and completly done a 180 degree turn of it, starting with all the propaganda talk shows, that does nothing but further the hatred we have of each other, a jury of our peers have spoken, the verdict has been cast, we need to respect that and move forward with our lives, not chat about it a week later, with propaganda and useless chit-chat, which keeps us in the past and not helping to make our Society any better.

                             Hospitality is a word that most of us do not know its “TRUE” meaning. In the story in the Bible, with the InnKeeper, who had a full Inn and welcoming two stranger’s in to offer them shelter, this is Hospitality and something we do not do anymore, if a perfect stranger walks down the street and is a little ragged from his travels, we then look the other way, or yet make fun of that Individual, showing disrespect and putting ourselves above the true meaning of the word Hospitality.

                            We are all Human Beings on this planet Earth, we all bleed red blood, no matter what your background we are all equal in the eyes of God. Whether we are strangers, or enemies of each other, true Hospitality comes from within each of us and each of us have this trait, we just have to reach down deep to release it.

                            I understand we all go through different life events, what I don’t understand is, why we don’t respect each other more, show more Hospitality towards each other, so we don’t feel alone with these events, so we can fix our events/problems and move forward stronger and better, Instead we are looked at by our peers as, outcasts of our Society, by Individuals that only look at themselves as being superior to other’s.

                             All these Propaganda sunday morning shows and programs like this, do nothing but fuel the fire of hatred in this Society, so other’s can make a dollar from it, the only way to fix this broken Society is, for each of us to reach down deep, fix ourselves, while respecting each and everyone around us, regardless of each other’s background, while living the true meaning of the word “Hospitality”, we as Individuals are what makes up a Society, so we can live our lives in peace, harmony, love, respect and true happiness.


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