Feeling Superior as opposed to truly being superior

                            We in this Society have learned from the last 10 or 20 years, that in order for us to feel superior over others, we need to make fun of others, point out there flaws, so we ourselves can be superior and live a fake reality in our lives.

                             With all the TV shows like TMZ, that does nothing but make fun of other’s so they can become “self proclaimed” the best show, only shows how we are a Society that is in dire need of a fixing. We are so far gone that we need these kind of shows, to keep our little fake reality world going, so we can point out other’s problems, in order to keep hiding our own.

                          You also have the Media, like the CNN’s of the world, that even after the Verdict has been rendered still talk about the what if’s, which does nothing but fuel the fire for other “emotionally Distraught” Individuals to keep doing wrongs, so they to can get their 5-min. of fame, now you have one of the Bomber’s of the Boston marathon, getting his face plasted on a well known magazine, giving him the image of a “rock star”.

                             You see the trend here? this is a trend that needs to stop. We as a Society can stop this, by fixing ourselves as Individuals first, stop reading into all this crap media, fix our own problems, so what we bring to Society is nothing but good and strength.

                             Our Society is only made of us as Individuals and what we bring to it, Society is just a word, until the people that make it up, contribute to it, buy bringing a piece of themselves to it. We are all Humans and Individuals meaning one, Society is made up of us Humans meaning a large group. When you bring bad things and negativity, you will have a Society of hatred and unhappiness, when you bring positive things and confidence, you will then have a Society of happiness and good.

                                Society is nothing without us as Individuals contributing to it, so to fix our Society is to fix ourselves first, so we can contribute good things, this process does not happen overnight, it takes time to change our flaws for the better, but when we do it right, it not only makes our lives better, it makes all the lives of others around us better as well.


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