Point Taken…….

                            With a previous Blog post, I talked about how broken our Society is, well with the cover picture of the Boston Marathon Bomber, on a pretty big magazine seen around the world, Rolling Stone magazine, shows just how broken a Society in which we live.

                           The magazine should never of even considered this cover picture. All this does is show other Distraught Individuals, that if you kill enough people you can achieve “rock star” status? This is just wrong, as what we all should be doing is never mentioning his name again, let the bad memories fade away forever, especially for those affected by the bombing, let them grieve for their losses and mend from their injuries, instead of bringing it back to the for front.

                              Why keep bringing up the pain? The only reason I can think of, is the magazine wants to profit off of a time in our lives, that we want to forget. I have never bought an issue of this magazine and now I will never throughout my life. All this shows is the arrogance and stupidity of the senior management for the magazine. Whats next, putting that picture on Time magazine, as person of the year?

                             We are a broken Society right now, we are in a time we all need to look deep within ourselves, so we can not only change ourselves, but change our Society moving forward, because it is what we bring to Society as Individuals, that makes our Society grow with strength and confidence moving forward, for all other future Societies to come.


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