True feelings and emotions

                            Some of us go throughout life in total control of our true feelings and emotions, yet others are not so lucky, we all have certain events that have happened to us, with some being minor and some major, but none the less we all have these life events, it is how we deal with these events, that either controls our lives, or we control them.

                             While these events happen to us, if we don’t address them as they happen, then we end up suppressing our true feelings and emotions, which then subconsciously we then put our lives out of balence, then it takes alot of hard work on our parts to get back into balence again, while our lives are out of balence we forget who we are, then form a fake identity so we can hide in plain sight, all along we keep suppressing our true feelings and emotions.

                             Life is supposed to be happy for all of us involved, but when we are out of balence we then are sad, only wearing a fake smile, our Journey of life is a long one, with numerous twists and turns, but at each crossroad and being totally in balence with ourselves, no matter what turn we take, life will always be good to us, but when we are out of balence, life will challenge us more then we want and keep challengeing us, til we find our true feelings and emotions and til we get ourselves back in balence, so we can live in total happiness, with confidence and strength moving forward. 

                             Life is long, full of twists and turns, life is as hard as we make it, but being in balence with our lives, will help us be in touch with our true feelings and emotions, which then we can be true to ourselves, be strong and have total confidence in everything we do.


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