The Verdict is in

                            I am totally convinced we are in a broken Society right now, of which we should be only looking at ourselves, to fix this Society, it is us as Individuals that bring into Society, so that it can flourish and become strong. Society is not about I, it is about we, as it is we a group that make up a Society,  we need to respect each other as a whole, for a true Society to grow.

                             Even after the verdict is in, the Jury of our peers have spoken, we need to respect them and the system, that the right decision was made in the eye of the law, for a different take on this, as a chef in a resteraunt, if we would create a dish on our menu’s for all the different taste buds throughout the world, we would be out of business in a heartbeat, that is why there are so many restaurants out there, to cover all the different flairs of the food service, same goes for the decision that was made in this Zimmerman case, the best decision was made in the scope of the law, yes there will be some that may disagree, but we need to respect that decision and find a better and smarter way to voice our concerns, we need to think before we react, instead of storming through a city and causing kaos, or even people of the same color as Treyvon, gaining up on other Hispanics, beating them, then saying this is for Treyvon, remember people, two wrongs don’t make a right, this is also why we as a Society are broken and in need of a fix.

                             This is truely a tradgic case, even more so for the Parents of Treyvon Martin as they lost their son, let’s not keep this tradgedy going by reacting before we think this through and let Treyvon’s parents grieve in peace, without having to hear of all the stupidity on the news, that is going on all over this country. The Media needs to learn when to shut it off, as all the chit chat and the what if’s being talked now, even though the case has ended, is only feuling this fire, plus you also have Zimmerman himself, you think he can go out in public anymore and live as you and I? his life has also changed for the rest of his life.

                             We in this Society need to change, we need to look deep into ourselves, we need to think thouroughly our decisions, before we act on those decisions, I understand there are events that happen to each of us, but it is how we react to these events, that determines our destiny’s and the destiny of our Society, To totally change our Society, is to totally change ourselves and what we bring to Society, this won’t happen overnight and it may require some hard work, but with dedication we can do this, so our lives and our Society will be better and stronger moving forward.

                             Martin Luther King jr. had a great message for all of us, but the way we are carrying it forward, is totally the opposite of what he wanted, this is why we don’t totally let go of the past, so we can look back refresh our memories, then move forward better and stronger then ever before, correcting what was wrong then as to not make the same mistakes over again.


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