we are a broken Society, that needs fixing

                            In lieu of the George Zimmerman trial and the decision, shows just how broken this Society has become.

                            Now that the decision has been set, we see groups like the NAACP calling for our Government to step in? You kidding me!!! Just because we saw a fair trial and it didnt go in the way these groups wanted, now you want our Government to waste their time on something that if our Society wasn’t broken, would not of happened. The Government has more important things to worry about, that affect everybody in this Country and not just members of your group.

                             When the Prosicution took the podium after the trial was over and the first words out of their mouth was the race card, you think we need some fixing in this Society? Until we as a Society can love thy neighbor, take this made up word “racism” and throw it away forever, then this Society will never be fixed and we will be a broken Society.

                             Racism is a word that was made up by a group, so they could sell other’s on false idea’s. Racism doesn’t even exsist, as we are all Human Beings under God. When God created us he created us equally, he gave us our own backgrounds, so we could be unique to each other, no matter what your background, we all bleed red blood, the problem lies within ourselves and how we view each other, so in order to fix the problems of a broken Society, we need to fix ourselves as it is our ideas and actions that we bring to Society and grow into Society, then Society will grow around us.

                             Unless you are blind? We all can see the destruction and devistation around us, from all the natural diseasters to the tradgedies we all face, we all look at these as a loss but that is it, we need to look deeper at what they are and that is, all these tradgedies and diseasters are a sign from God, as he is not happy with what we are doing and the direction we are going, so he tries to give us these messages, but we have become so arrogant and full of ourselves, that we can’t see this message for what it is, instead we develop or create certain words, that we sell to other’s to give them these false ideas, we have taken God’s way which is a way for all Humans to survive within a Society and turned it into “my way” and what is good for me,

                             Our Fore-Fathers who built this Country into the best Country on this planet, are rolling in their graves as we destroy what they built, with our “all bout me” attitudes and what can my country do for me, instead of what can I do for my country, when times get tough, we give up by playing this race card which doesn’t even exsist, instead of working harder at fixing ourselves, so we can bring to Society real strength and happiness, instead of weakness and sadness. When things don’t turn out the way we want it, we then become angry at other’s around us, as we then not only hurt ourselves we hurt all those around us, God gave us all a brain, within that brain we have common sense, this is what we need to find, reach deep within ourselves so we can bring this out, as to fix ourselves, when we fix ourselves we than will fix this Society, to grow with strength and happiness.

                            Racism is just a word, it really does not exsist in our Society, it is a word that was made up by Individuals as a copout, to sell an idea to other’s, to create controversy and anger to our Society. We are all Humans on this planet, created by God as equals, we all bleed red blood, God gave us our own backgrounds so we could be unique towards each other, not to be angry and fight with each other, yes we may disagree with each other, but this is why we are unique, so instead of being angry and fighting, we would talk and figure things out together, for how we are as Individuals, is what each of us brings to Society, in order for Society to grow with strength and happiness.


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