Locking up Patrice Bergeron for eight years

                            With Patrice Bergeron you are not only getting the best two way player in the game, you are also getting a team first guy, that looks at his personal stats as secondary as to what the team does and wants to win as a team.

                            Now that the Bruins let go Andrew Ference, which was a hard decision, cause he may not of been the most talented defenseman, what he brought in attitude and team spirit goes without saying, now the Bruins need to fill that void, so with the long term signing of Patrice, will give them that leadership, plus alot more, with the leadership of Patrice he knows how to make that team unity infectious throughout the other’s of the team.

                             Patrice is everything of what it takes to wear the spoked “B”, when you look at other greats that have worn the spoked “B”, you see the same qualities in Patrice Bergeron, the qualities that make him one of the best to wear a Bruin uniform, right up there with the Orr’s, the Bourque’s and the O’Reilly’s of the Bruin family, this shows alot of respect for Patrice, but is respect he has earned through his career.

                            When he is ready to hang the skates at the end of his playing days, he will do so wearing a Bruins uniform, this day and age with free agency shows just how special a player as well as a person Patrice is, loyalty is what sports lack over the last few years, Patrice is showing that his loyalty of the Boston Bruins is thicker then blood and he is being rewarded for it, as it is well deserved. No matter who you are, or what sport you play, with loyalty and being the best at what you do, the rewards will come, you just have to put forth the effort like Patrice has done, then the good things will always come your way.

                               Congatulations are in order for Patrice Bergeron, as his legacy as a Boston Bruin continues, with that said when his skates are worn for the last time and hung up forever, he will be right where all the other Bruin greats are, hanging from the rafters of Boston Garden, where he deserves and where his hard work has taken him.


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