News Media is salivating here in Massachusetts

                            In this “all about me” Society, we have looked at the media to hide our own problems, so we can look at other’s and make fun of, while they go through tough times in their lives, the Media creates this drama so they can up their ratings and make more of our money in their pockets, it’s a vicious circle in which we live, a circle that is created by drama and hiding our own problems, in order to put this fake self forward so we can be excepted by other’s.

                             While we portray this fake self and hide our real problems, we are only delaying the fact that one day we our selves, will also be the center of this drama of the Media, when we snap from the pressure of our problems, just waiting inside to be addressed, with the media right there with a camera in our faces, just to up their ratings and put more money in  their pockets.

                             This is why we as Individuals need to address our own situations, before we can even reach out to help other’s, once we do this we as a Society can truely grow with strength and happiness and get out of this “all about me” Society. 

                              Here in Massachusetts, we have three major high profile cases, these cases are bringing out the big drama of the media and showing just how aggressive they can be, while they try to get the inside scoop before their fellow media players, we in this Society are buying into their tactics just by turning on the TV and watching, the more we watch, the higher the ratings and the more money in the pocket of the media. I understand these high profile cases have affected the lives of other’s, but I also understand that to truly fix this problem, we as Individuals need to fix our own problems first, in order for Society to fix itself, a strong and happy Society starts with each of us and what we bring to Society, if we bring this drama and hatred, then that is what Society will become, so let’s dig down deep, fix ourselves so we can all live in a Society that is strong and full of happiness.


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