Perception in our lives

                            You can interview 100 people, from all walks of life, ask them all the same topic and you will get 100 different perceptions of that topic, this is what makes us as Humans so unique.

                             There is nothing wrong with that, if we handle the perceptions in a mature and civilized manner, the problem we have with this is, we as Humans think we are always right and everybody else is wrong. when you live in a Society of “all about me” now you bring an issue of I am right and everybody else is wrong, regardless of whether you are right or wrong and this is how our Society is right now.

                             Perception is a trait we all have, it is a way for us to analyze what is around us, so we can make a rash and informed decision, unfortunatly when your judgement becomes cloudy, your perception will become cloudy as well, then when your perception is cloudy and unclear, this is a sign to stepback, research the situation, before you make a decision that negativly affects yourself and those around you, the way we percieve things around us, will ultimitly affect what we do and become within this Society.

                            Perception is a trait we all have, it is a way for us to analyze everything around us, to either accept or decline things in our lives, what we need to do to make our lives better, is to focus better so our perception is never cloudy and then make better decisions, in order to grow within Society to be stronger and smarter moving forward.

                             ” A Society of a clouded perception, is a Society that will ultimitly fail”. When we make rash decisions with a clouded perception, we not only affect ourselves, we affect those around us as well, when we have a more clear perception, then Society itself will be more of love and not hate, this is so true, just look around to see all the arguments, that can be avoided, if we just have a more clear perception and not just think of ourselves first, perception is that of the most powerful tool, we as Humans have that can achieve great things throughout this planet, it is time we use it as such, so we all can live in peace, love and harmony, so our Society can be stronger and better moving forward.


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