What we achieve along our Journey

                            Going back in time, when God sent those people on a journey, with nothing except the clothes on their backs, he said go forth and i shall look over you, you need to just have trust in me and with that trust, then teach others of your experience.

                            When they returned from their journey, all was good and God said, you need nothing but the trust and believe in me, then your life will be happy.

                            We in this Society get caught up in the notion of “keeping up with the jones”, this quote is just words, as it brings great pain to some, because they find they can’t measure up, to have a car, a house, or even a Tv in that house, these are all material things, of which we leave behind when we move on from this life, the true meaning of our life on Earth, is having and showing our love for ourselves and one another, this was God’s main vision when he created this planet, everything else is just a crutch to help us move along our journey with strength and confidence.

                             While we evolved on this planet, we have created some things throughout time, with the latest called Technology, with this technology it is supposed to make our lives easier, but we have become so dependent on it, that it is now consuming our lives to the point of, we are losing sight of our true selves, as well as each other, we have traveled of the track a bit, so we need to find our way back to the track, before we travel to a point of no return, all we need for this is, the trust and believe in God and all will be well, he will guide us on our journey and all we need to do is trust in him, a car may take us to where we need to go, but if we have no guidence, then we will just be going in circles with no destination.

                          The Journey of Life is real, along the journey we pick up things whether material or ideas, we take some turns along the crossroads that force us to backtrack, as we walk with confidence and belief, then our journey will never be wasted, we will always walk with purpose and poise, as our meaning of life will be that of good, no matter how much or little we have, as in God we will always feel rich. 


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