Just a thought to ponder for all

                            When a celebrity like Paula Deen gets slammed through the media and loses her job, plus all her endorsements, over something she said 27 years ago and somebody like Alex Baldwin gets a pass for what he says daily, makes you wonder how screwed up our Society has become.

                             Yesterday I enjoyed a great day in the city of Boston, a little hot for my liking, but none the less a beautiful day, topped of with a great fireworks show. As the night fell and along the Charles river was filling up with people, so was all the foul language and the racial slurs, the same racial slurs that Paula Deen got in trouble for? This made me think of how screwed up we have become over the years, how the Political Correct era has gotton way out of hand and the fact that you can’t say or do anything, without the fear of offending someone?

                            Our Fore-Father’s who built this Country in which we share are rolling in their graves, cause they are very mad at what we turned this Country into. We have totally turned the famous quote of JFK around, to the point of disgrace, our Politicians say what we want to hear, so they can get into office and then stab us in the back, for their own benefit, walk down the street and you here the same words, that other’s are getting in trouble saying in a public forum, except for Alex Baldwin? Somebody needs to call him out, stand up to him and tell him he is wrong, along with the ones who thinks what he does is right? This whole Society is broken and needs to be fixed, before it gets to a point, where it can not be fixed, the time is now.

                             The way we fix this Society, is to fix ourselves first. Society is made up of what we as Individuals bring into it, we need to stop this “all about me” attitude, it’s one thing to embrace this unity or #bostonstrong attitude, after the tradgedy of the marathon, but it means nothing if we don’t live it everyday, by our actions of ourselves and what we bring to Society.

                             Our Journey of Life is full of different crossroads, hurdles and bumps, what we don’t need is, to create more of them cause we don’t think our actions through, before we react to them, when we think of our actions thouroughly and how they will affect us and those around us, before we make those choices, then our Society will change for the better, without all the crap we have today. Each choice we as Individuals make, not only affects us as a person, but also affects those around us, this is what we need more of, so our Society will become stronger and better, with confidence moving into the future and the future of generations to come.


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