The bumps and bruises as we walk our journey of life

                            The Journey of Life, for some is a long one, other’s have it cut short from an illness or tradgedy, but none the less the journey has alot of twists and turns along our journey, these twists and turns come at many different times of our lives, some may happen from our own doing, some just happen that catch us off guard, but as they happen it is how we deal with them, that determines our destiny and how our lives may be.

                            Sometimes along our Journey, these twists and turns can overwhelm us to the point we make rash decisions and bad choices, they also cloud our judgements as we don’t think through the decisions before we make them, when we do this we make our lives harder then it should be, when life events happen to us, it is best to attack them back as they happen and not push them aside, when we push them aside this is the start of clouding our judgements, for later decision making, which compounds our issues to the point of being overwhelmed.

                            Our everyday lives are hard enough, without us or other’s adding to it making us more depressed or full of anxiety, this will bring us to a level of stress so high that we reach a breaking point and we end up doing things we will regret later, the Journey of Life will give us some bumps and bruises, but to heal them properly we need to reach down deep, fix what is wrong, heal the scars, so we can continue our Journey, with confidence, strength and be happy, instead of having regrets and being sad. with anger towards everything around us.


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