Playing through the pain at all cost

                            First and for most, there are alot of Athletes that make it to stardom in their chosen sport, with this stardom comes a big payday, when this payday comes alot of Athletes forget where they came from and lose sight of the big picture, cause the dollar signs overwhelm them, they don’t play with the same fire in the eyes as when they were working their way to the big leagues, good athletes will be rewarded, great athletes will be rewarded not just in money, but with respect of everybody around them.

                             In the case of Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, he is a great player, in the sport of hockey, yes he gets a nice payday, but even better he gets well respected with all those around him, especially those who can call him a teammate and the Bruins organization, he is without a doubt the best two way hockey player in the game.

                              Bergy as his teammates call him, played in the Stanley Cup finals with some serious injuries, but when your eyes are to the prize and are driven with so much drive, for yourself and your team, you learn to shut out the pain, so hopefully the prize will come to you and your team.

                            Some will call him stupid for playing like that, but those people do not truly understand the game of hockey and what the demand of being in the drive truly is, this drive I am talking about is kind of like being full of adreniline, to the pont you feel nothing, til the adreniline wears off, this is something that happens mostly in hockey, as you hear of players of other sports going on the injured list, just for a minor pinky finger pull, hockey is the toughest sport and played by the toughest players, with Football a close second.

                            The Stanley Cup, which is the prize I talk about in hockey, is the toughest and most prestigous of all the trophy’s in any sport, it takes a mix of great talent, great team work, great coaching and players that have each others back, whether they are on the ice or off, when these player’s have their eye on the prize and have that drive engrained in them, they do whatever they have to for themselves and their team, so thay can raise the most prestigous trophy of all sports.

                             Bergy did just that for himself and his team, they were two wins away from sixteen to win it all, they could smell it they were that close and he did what he needed to help bring his team there, for that he earned more respect, by other’s around him, then if he actually raised it, Bergy plays the game right and should be a model to all, in every sport on how to play the game right, he don’t say much, but when he does talk, it is on the ice and talking with action, when he finally hangs up the skates he will be in the Hall of Fame, as one of the greatests to play the game.


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