Being Lost as we walk our journey of life

                            We all walk this Journey, it is a journey of long and a journey that throws us many curveballs along the way, some may find a way to hit these curveballs out of the park, others still struggle with them, then become lost within themselves, trying desperatly to just fit in with their lives.

                           As we all walk our journey’s, each path we chose throughout life, their are these life events that happen to each of us, some of these events are minor, some of these events are so major they change our lives forever moving forward, as these major events happen to us, we try so hard to bury them so we can move on, we also bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, we then portray this fake self, so we can move forward with our lives, while we have buried our true self, we then have become so pervious to pain, that we feel nothing, whether physical or mentally, when other’s cry of their sorrows, we then shut it out without shedding a tear, to protect ourselves from future harm, this is an unhealthy way, but a way we find to move on, to prevent future pain from affecting us.

                            Sometimes these life events happen at a young age, when we are in no position to fully understand them, so instead of communicating them and feeling ashamed for what happened, even though it wasn’t our fault, we then bury or supress them deep inside us, so we can move forward with our lives, but what we don’t realize is, by supressing them we are just putting them off for a later date, as they will come back to haunt us later in life, when they do come back, they sneak up on us, bringing greater pain then if we just took care of it when it first happened, so subconsciously we then further supress them even deeper, to keep the pain from hurting, it’s a big circle in our lives that keeps happening until we accept what has happened, accept the pain and suffering, get all the past supressions out of us, fix ourselves, so we can finally move on, be free from all that has hurt us, get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, so we can be happy and live our lives with confidence, cause it is that happiness and confidence, that helps Society grow and rid the world of this hatred we are in.

                            Our Journey of life may be a long one, but we don’t have to make it hard as well, with good communication and being in touch with our true feelings and emotions, our journey will be that of happiness and confidence, true happiness isn’t just smiling at other’s as we walk this journey, true happiness is when we have confidence of who we are, without hiding ourselves in plain sight, to avoid the truth, when we are true to ourselves, we then find it very easy to be truthful towards other’s, when we have truth, we then can gain trust, to which we then can have the faith to move forward on our Journey and not be lost within ourselves, which will give us true happiness and confidence. 


Walking our Journies, while having faith and trust

                            We all walk our journies of life, at the crossroads some may take a different path than others, there is no wrong path through life, sometimes on our paths we encounter great pain, some being physical or some being mental, these are the times in life, we need to stay strong, look towards our faith of God, accept it and fix what is wrong as it happens, so we can continue our journey, with confidence and strength moving forward.

                            Life is not about living in the past, as that time is gone and we can’t go back, life is also not about the future, as we can’t predict what is going to happen, but what each of our lives are all about is living in the present, or the now a place where we can control what we do, our destiny’s and when we can do this properly, then the wrongs of the past will be corrected without us even noticeing and the future will just fall into place as we move forward with confidence.

                            Life for each of us has it’s difficulties, some of those difficulties have a different degree level to them, but it is how we deal with those difficulties, while showing our faith in God, to guide us through our journey, no matter what happens and no matter what we do, God will always love and forgive us, he shows us this as when one door slams in our face, there is always another door of oppurntunity that opens for us, it is our responsibility to see that door and walk through it, instead of walking around aimlessly and lost.

                             We are all born into this World and have a Mother, Father and Siblings, this is our family here on Earth, they love us in the same way God loves us everyday of our lives, what alot of us do is either take this for granted, or we lose sight, which makes us confused and lose trust in ourselves and those around us, without this trust, we then walk through life with blinders on with no rhyme or reason, having trust and faith in our lives, makes all our lives and our journies through life so much easier, as we then walk our paths with strength and confidence, to address any situation we encounter.

                            God sent his only son to us, showing us this journy of rightousness, that also there will be temptations along the way, but when we have faith and trust in him, we will find that strength, so we can have the confidence to move forward on that same path and move forward along our journey of life. This trust and faith hold true in our lives today, when we lose this, then our lives become messed up and full of confusion.

                             The new Pope is in Brasil now, reminding us that God’s love for us is still there, he never faulted us, as we have faulted ourselves by losing this trust and faith in ourselves and all those around us, to get rid of all this hate in our lives and around the World, we need to find this trust and faith, so we can then be happy and bring this happiness to the World within our Society.

                              Trust and Faith go a long way in each of our daily lives, without it we become lost and go through life with no rhyme or reason, with it we than move through life much easier, with the confidence and strength to handle any temptation that may cross our path, God will always love us no matter what we do, just like the love of our Parents, we all need to see this love, so we all can be truely happy as we live and walk our journies of life.


True Communications is key to living our lives in balence

                            When we are born into this World and growing up with our Peers, we live in our safe zone, where our Parents protect us from any harm that may come to us, but along the way there may be some harm that does find us and it is then that we need to communicate, thouroughly with confidence about that harm, so those issues can be dealt with then and not later, cause it’s the later that hurts us deeply.

                             To communicate, is to be true to self, without hiding anything and not being afraid of any further hurt, when we truely communicate of what harms us, then we can be totally free of future harm, which brings us to respect, have trust and live our lives in total happiness.

                             We as Humans will have certain life events that shame us, our first reaction is to shut it out, for fear of it hurting us, but by shutting it out we then do additional damage to ourselves, by surrpressing our true feelings and emotions, we also in our subconcious are saying, if I shut this out than I will make myself pervious to all pain that comes my way, this is our way of putting up a wall and not letting anything, whether good or bad, affect us ever again.

                              This shutting down of ourselves and not truely communicating to those close to us, in the long run is hurting us more then the event itself as it first happened, it is Human Nature to protect ourselves from harm, but the way we do it without communicating to those close to us, will always put our lives out of balence, which then we become something that we are not.

                            Communications is not just talking about your favorite sports team, or maybe chatting with a friend at the diner, or the local watering hole, communications goes alot deeper then that, it is what keeps us happy with the confidence, to move forward in life, to be better and stronger everyday of our lives.

                              Whenever these life events happen, it’s the way we communicate them, that makes these events less of, instead of surpressing them, so they become bigger than what they should be, it’s like not washing your car of the road salt from the winter roads weekly, by putting it off from week to week, eventually your car becomes so caked with the road salts, it becomes harder to scrub off than if you did it then, when you first thought it.

                               Communication is key in our lives to keep us in balence, it also keeps us closer to our loved ones without subconsciously pushing them away, it also helps us trust other’s more and respect anything or everything, which may cross our paths, these life events may knock us out of balence, but when we stay true to ourselves and truely communicate with those around us, our lives will stay in balence, which will give us the confidence, to move forward and be better and stronger throughout our entire life.


The Royal Baby

                            Don’t get me wrong, the royal Baby is a blessing to the Royal family and is also so precious and special.

                             There are millions of babies born all over this planet, each of them precious and special to their families, which to these families their babies are there little prince’s and princess’s, they are also treated royally in their own families.

                            It is the Media that makes it out, that the Royal Baby is the only baby that matters on this planet, alot of this is us as a Society that lets the Media have the control like this, when we can just shut the TV off or turn the channel. It takes alot more then one, to make up a Society and also people with strong roots, that bring good along with that growing up, Babies are a special time for all Parents, as this shows true love by two Individuals, that cherish their child as they grow and to those parents, their child is their royality.

                            Having a child is a special time, whether you are in a royal family, or just an ordinary family, living your life in love, respect and happiness, the Media should give do to all the special babies born on that day and not just one, as this will show true equality to our Human race, instead of putting one above all the other’s.


Be safe/Make good decisions

                            In this Society we live today, these words “be safe/make good decisions”, need to be in the for front of our thoughts more than ever, all the happenings in the world as we speak, show that we make bad decisions and are unsafe all the time.

                             Just look into the sports world, here you have Individuals that not only have a chance to be great role models, but have been handed an oppurntunity to play a sport, for great amounts of money, then they go out and make bad decisions, that lead them and others around them to uncertainty and unsafe behaviors. Yes you will have a few Athletes that do it right, but the scary thing is, you have way too many that do not, then that leads to the younger Generation seeing this and then try to do the same, thinking that they are smarter and can beat the odds.

                              Sports is and always will be, a great influence on our children as they grow up, we all want to be the best at what we do, but unfortunatly you will always have the cheaters, that try to beat the system, no matter what you do it all washes out at the end of the day, everything catches up eventually, which means the cheaters never win, the real true Athletes, that do it right, may sometimes feel during their career, they don’t get the respect, will get all the respect when they are done and are looking back.

                             Just like in sports, life is not easy, there are alot of hurdles, twists and turns, we all want to take the shortcuts to cheat life, so we can live free and easy, but just like in sports, there is no free and easy way, it is those hurdles, twists and turns, that teaches us to be safe/make good decisions, so we can live our lives in peace, with love, strength and the confidence to move forward, this is what makes us better and stronger, then as we bring this to Society, we help Society to be better and stronger as well.

                            No matter how you live your life, no matter who you are, or even what background your from, when we all live our own lives safely/make good decisions, life will reward us with the good in our lives, when we make bad decisions/and are unsafe, life will always throw us a curve ball, that we will always swing and miss, til we get it right. God does this to test us, see where we are in our lives, so we can move forward instead of backwards, with the confidence and strength in all we do. Life is about peace and harmony, so we can be safe/make good decisions, then bring happiness to our Society, instead of hatred.


Sunday Morning propaganda/ Hospitality

                            One of the biggest days of our lives which was created by God is Sunday, it is suppossed to be the day of the Sabbath, a day in which we need to rest and spend it with family. This day and age, we have taken this day and completly done a 180 degree turn of it, starting with all the propaganda talk shows, that does nothing but further the hatred we have of each other, a jury of our peers have spoken, the verdict has been cast, we need to respect that and move forward with our lives, not chat about it a week later, with propaganda and useless chit-chat, which keeps us in the past and not helping to make our Society any better.

                             Hospitality is a word that most of us do not know its “TRUE” meaning. In the story in the Bible, with the InnKeeper, who had a full Inn and welcoming two stranger’s in to offer them shelter, this is Hospitality and something we do not do anymore, if a perfect stranger walks down the street and is a little ragged from his travels, we then look the other way, or yet make fun of that Individual, showing disrespect and putting ourselves above the true meaning of the word Hospitality.

                            We are all Human Beings on this planet Earth, we all bleed red blood, no matter what your background we are all equal in the eyes of God. Whether we are strangers, or enemies of each other, true Hospitality comes from within each of us and each of us have this trait, we just have to reach down deep to release it.

                            I understand we all go through different life events, what I don’t understand is, why we don’t respect each other more, show more Hospitality towards each other, so we don’t feel alone with these events, so we can fix our events/problems and move forward stronger and better, Instead we are looked at by our peers as, outcasts of our Society, by Individuals that only look at themselves as being superior to other’s.

                             All these Propaganda sunday morning shows and programs like this, do nothing but fuel the fire of hatred in this Society, so other’s can make a dollar from it, the only way to fix this broken Society is, for each of us to reach down deep, fix ourselves, while respecting each and everyone around us, regardless of each other’s background, while living the true meaning of the word “Hospitality”, we as Individuals are what makes up a Society, so we can live our lives in peace, harmony, love, respect and true happiness.


Feeling Superior as opposed to truly being superior

                            We in this Society have learned from the last 10 or 20 years, that in order for us to feel superior over others, we need to make fun of others, point out there flaws, so we ourselves can be superior and live a fake reality in our lives.

                             With all the TV shows like TMZ, that does nothing but make fun of other’s so they can become “self proclaimed” the best show, only shows how we are a Society that is in dire need of a fixing. We are so far gone that we need these kind of shows, to keep our little fake reality world going, so we can point out other’s problems, in order to keep hiding our own.

                          You also have the Media, like the CNN’s of the world, that even after the Verdict has been rendered still talk about the what if’s, which does nothing but fuel the fire for other “emotionally Distraught” Individuals to keep doing wrongs, so they to can get their 5-min. of fame, now you have one of the Bomber’s of the Boston marathon, getting his face plasted on a well known magazine, giving him the image of a “rock star”.

                             You see the trend here? this is a trend that needs to stop. We as a Society can stop this, by fixing ourselves as Individuals first, stop reading into all this crap media, fix our own problems, so what we bring to Society is nothing but good and strength.

                             Our Society is only made of us as Individuals and what we bring to it, Society is just a word, until the people that make it up, contribute to it, buy bringing a piece of themselves to it. We are all Humans and Individuals meaning one, Society is made up of us Humans meaning a large group. When you bring bad things and negativity, you will have a Society of hatred and unhappiness, when you bring positive things and confidence, you will then have a Society of happiness and good.

                                Society is nothing without us as Individuals contributing to it, so to fix our Society is to fix ourselves first, so we can contribute good things, this process does not happen overnight, it takes time to change our flaws for the better, but when we do it right, it not only makes our lives better, it makes all the lives of others around us better as well.


Point Taken…….

                            With a previous Blog post, I talked about how broken our Society is, well with the cover picture of the Boston Marathon Bomber, on a pretty big magazine seen around the world, Rolling Stone magazine, shows just how broken a Society in which we live.

                           The magazine should never of even considered this cover picture. All this does is show other Distraught Individuals, that if you kill enough people you can achieve “rock star” status? This is just wrong, as what we all should be doing is never mentioning his name again, let the bad memories fade away forever, especially for those affected by the bombing, let them grieve for their losses and mend from their injuries, instead of bringing it back to the for front.

                              Why keep bringing up the pain? The only reason I can think of, is the magazine wants to profit off of a time in our lives, that we want to forget. I have never bought an issue of this magazine and now I will never throughout my life. All this shows is the arrogance and stupidity of the senior management for the magazine. Whats next, putting that picture on Time magazine, as person of the year?

                             We are a broken Society right now, we are in a time we all need to look deep within ourselves, so we can not only change ourselves, but change our Society moving forward, because it is what we bring to Society as Individuals, that makes our Society grow with strength and confidence moving forward, for all other future Societies to come.


True feelings and emotions

                            Some of us go throughout life in total control of our true feelings and emotions, yet others are not so lucky, we all have certain events that have happened to us, with some being minor and some major, but none the less we all have these life events, it is how we deal with these events, that either controls our lives, or we control them.

                             While these events happen to us, if we don’t address them as they happen, then we end up suppressing our true feelings and emotions, which then subconsciously we then put our lives out of balence, then it takes alot of hard work on our parts to get back into balence again, while our lives are out of balence we forget who we are, then form a fake identity so we can hide in plain sight, all along we keep suppressing our true feelings and emotions.

                             Life is supposed to be happy for all of us involved, but when we are out of balence we then are sad, only wearing a fake smile, our Journey of life is a long one, with numerous twists and turns, but at each crossroad and being totally in balence with ourselves, no matter what turn we take, life will always be good to us, but when we are out of balence, life will challenge us more then we want and keep challengeing us, til we find our true feelings and emotions and til we get ourselves back in balence, so we can live in total happiness, with confidence and strength moving forward. 

                             Life is long, full of twists and turns, life is as hard as we make it, but being in balence with our lives, will help us be in touch with our true feelings and emotions, which then we can be true to ourselves, be strong and have total confidence in everything we do.


The Verdict is in

                            I am totally convinced we are in a broken Society right now, of which we should be only looking at ourselves, to fix this Society, it is us as Individuals that bring into Society, so that it can flourish and become strong. Society is not about I, it is about we, as it is we a group that make up a Society,  we need to respect each other as a whole, for a true Society to grow.

                             Even after the verdict is in, the Jury of our peers have spoken, we need to respect them and the system, that the right decision was made in the eye of the law, for a different take on this, as a chef in a resteraunt, if we would create a dish on our menu’s for all the different taste buds throughout the world, we would be out of business in a heartbeat, that is why there are so many restaurants out there, to cover all the different flairs of the food service, same goes for the decision that was made in this Zimmerman case, the best decision was made in the scope of the law, yes there will be some that may disagree, but we need to respect that decision and find a better and smarter way to voice our concerns, we need to think before we react, instead of storming through a city and causing kaos, or even people of the same color as Treyvon, gaining up on other Hispanics, beating them, then saying this is for Treyvon, remember people, two wrongs don’t make a right, this is also why we as a Society are broken and in need of a fix.

                             This is truely a tradgic case, even more so for the Parents of Treyvon Martin as they lost their son, let’s not keep this tradgedy going by reacting before we think this through and let Treyvon’s parents grieve in peace, without having to hear of all the stupidity on the news, that is going on all over this country. The Media needs to learn when to shut it off, as all the chit chat and the what if’s being talked now, even though the case has ended, is only feuling this fire, plus you also have Zimmerman himself, you think he can go out in public anymore and live as you and I? his life has also changed for the rest of his life.

                             We in this Society need to change, we need to look deep into ourselves, we need to think thouroughly our decisions, before we act on those decisions, I understand there are events that happen to each of us, but it is how we react to these events, that determines our destiny’s and the destiny of our Society, To totally change our Society, is to totally change ourselves and what we bring to Society, this won’t happen overnight and it may require some hard work, but with dedication we can do this, so our lives and our Society will be better and stronger moving forward.

                             Martin Luther King jr. had a great message for all of us, but the way we are carrying it forward, is totally the opposite of what he wanted, this is why we don’t totally let go of the past, so we can look back refresh our memories, then move forward better and stronger then ever before, correcting what was wrong then as to not make the same mistakes over again.