having something to say, afraid to speak the truth

                            With this Society we live today, it is very cut throat, stab you in the back, all about me Society. We are so wrapped up in the Political correction, we can’t even speak the truth anymore, without fearing we will offend someone, then when something goes wrong, instead of owning up to the problem, we than point the finger at other’s, as to make ourselves look like we are perfect, when people speak out of this process, they are criticized and cast as someone to avoid by all.

                             Paula Deen has been fired for using a Racial slur on her program, Hello? Just walk dow Main street in Anytown, USA. those same words are thrown around by all of any age and there is not one thing done about it. go to a sporting event with your family, very quickly that event will go from a “G” rating, to an “R” rating,  those racial slurs that we get in trouble for, that “supposedly” we target a certain Human, are also being used by those Individuals, liike it is part of their vocabulary, so if they use that word in their vocabulary, then why is it not ok for us to say the same word?

                             The meaning of the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T, this word goes along way in our Society, this is also a word in which we have come to ignore in this all about me Society, when we Respect each other as equals, there will never be Racism anywhere on the face of this planet. We Humans have created this so called word “Racism”, to escape the truths, point the finger of blame, to create this so called power over each other, this is the biggest sin we all do, in the eyes of God.

                            God will forgive us no matter what the sin, he just wants us all to be true to ourselves and of each other, showing our love and respect each and every day of our lives. Everything that happens to us, will happen for a reason, whether it’s a tradgedy or a natural diseaster, this is a sign from God showing we need to change and he is not happy with what we are doing, God will guide us on our journey, but it is up to us to prove to him, we are worthy with our actions.

                             When we speak the truth, it is ok to speak of each other with respect, as this is a way for us to recieve constructive criticsm, so we can change our ways to be better and stronger moving forward, when we don’t speak, for fear of offending someone, we will never know the real truth, then we all become this fake Society, that is broken and worthless. An open and free Society is excactly that, we speak openly as to be truthful and respectful, so that our Society will be free with worthiness and a purpose.


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