Having a good thing, then losing it because of stupidity

                            In the case of Arron Hernandez, he was gifted enough as an athlete, to make the NFL, he had the World by the short hairs, but because of his lack of self esteem, stupidity and his ties to the gang, he lost everything he had with stupid decisions.

                             These situations happen alot more then we hear about, we all have some kind of troubled past, that we let control our lives moving forward, we not only hurt ourselves, we hurt those around us and close to us even more, but because we act with stupidity and don’t acknowledge our past in a way to fix it so we can move forward with confidence and strength, when our troubles control us, we tend to supress things, to try to forget, but what we are really doing is, turning our minds into a mind of denial, so we can fit in and form a fake identity, to hide in plain sight.

                             With Arron Hernandez, he turned to the gang to fit in, then used his gifted talent to make the NFL and get a big payday, to which he helped fund the gang activities with the money, that was his way of hiding in plain sight, this is not trying to make an excuse for him, because it’s his actions that has created these events for him, but if he attacked his troubled past from the beginning, fixed what was wrong, than he may not be in this kind of trouble and maybe might be able to enjoy his fame as a proffessional athlete.

                            Hernandez not only hurt himself by his actions, but has hurt all those around him, as well as all the young football players, that looked up to him, so maybe they to can be a proffessional football athlete, we all lose sight of our actions from time to time, we tend to not think of the ramifications til it is to late, but if we think before we react, look beyond the choices we make, before we make those choices, fix our troubles instead of supressing them, then our lives will be alot more happier, with confidence and strength, as we move forward in the future.


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