Devastating loss or great season by a special team

                            We all want to see our favorite team win championships, that is the main goal every year as they play the games of the season, now with that said.

                            The Boston Bruins were more then a great team on the ice, they were an awesome team off the ice, to the fans as well as to the City of Boston.

                            The way the season started, or should I say almost never started from the lockout, all the way up to the Tradgedy of the Marathon and the way this team took the entire city and region on there backs, all the way through the playoffs, shows how much heart and how special this team is, not just to their teammates, but to the entire region of Boston. The term #bostonstrong was created, showing unity for all in this region, to bring strength back to it, showing we will not be defeated and the Bruins took that to heart, showing each and every one of us, that no matter the tradgedy, we will always move forward stronger and better.

                             Some along the journey of Mission 16, tried to make this #bostonstrong slogan their own, by creating for their team, those are the ones that just don’t get what it truly means, the entire team took this slogan very seriously and to their hearts, which it showed very much by their actions, the Boston Bruins are a very special team, made up of a great organization and showed by the players every game through the playoffs.

                             This whole special playoff run, started with the first game back from the tradgedy, by showing what #bostonstrong really means and singing a National Anthem, in a way I will never forget, with Renee Rancourt starting it, than letting the fans in the Garden finish it LOUD and PROUD.

                             I have been a Boston Bruins fan all my life, I have never been more proud of this team and organization then I am right now, The spoked “B” will always be a symbol of unity and #bostonstrong from now on throughout my life.

                            With all that said, I do understand that the game of hockey is a business, I also know that this special group of guys who made up this team, can’t stay together forever, but each one of these guys will always have a spot in my heart for what they did this year, even though there won’t be a championship parade, this special team deserves a big standing ovation and a big thank you, for what they did this year by each and every one of us the fans, the City of Boston and the Region, thank you Boston Bruins, the players, the Coaching staff, the Management and the Organization.


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