The Evolution and Life Cycles

                            We Humans living on this planet, share this land with all other creatures, yes we are a creature like the other’s, but a little more sophisticated, we are the ones that are supposed to know better? Now as you can see we have become our own worst enemies, we take ownership of everything and anything around us, those material things in which we buy, are just that material, when our time of exsistence has come and gone here on this planet, we can’t take those material things with us, just like when Jesus came to us, he had nothing, but yet was the richest man on this planet, as he showed us the correct path to our Journey of life, which is the path of rightousness.

                             When we look back in the Archives of the begginning of planet Earth, to the present day, we shall see that there was alot of evolution that has happened over time, with this evolution, everything goes through a cycle throughout life, with these evolutions and life cycles, we need to accept the bad, to correct it, so we can move forward with strength and happiness, this is a way of us proving to God, that his only son in Jesus, came here for no reason, that we did learn from him, so we then ourselves can spread the love of God to all other’s, that we come across on our journey of life.

                            A lot of times when we don’t understand something, we then shut it out, hoping that it will just disappear, but the reality of it, is that when we do this, all we are doing is suppressing our true feelings and emotions, then later in life along our journey, these suppressions come back to the top, bigger and stronger than they should be, if only we addressed them then, just like life has it’s cycles that spins around us, we to as Humans go through our life cycle, as we walk the path of our journey of life.

                             As we live our lives and go through our life cycles, sometimes along the journey, we develop a bad link in that chain of our life cycle, it’s then we need to evolve so that we can break that link and replace it with a better and stronger link, when we address that problem in the begining, then our lives we live, along our journey, will be that of true happiness, with true feelings and emotions.


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