As we grow from a young age

                           We are all born into this world the same way, we are all fragile with a very open mind, that is ready to be filled with happy thoughts and knowledge, it is what we observe and learn at a young age, that determines what we become later in life.

                             Some of us are born into this world from a Mother and a Father, who through their love of each other, create a child to raise together, showing that love everyday, in today’s Society, more often then not, a child is brought into this world only by the Mother, with the Father no where to be seen, now the child is starting their life behind the 8-ball, only seeing one side of life and not being able to build a solid foundation to help them grow stronger into a tough Society.

                            Some of us who do grow into Society, with a loving Mother and Father, encounter one or many events, that change how they think of themselves and the world around them, these events when they happen and don’t get the proper addressment, change us in a way that we are not, the biggest change is that we lose a major component of all our lives and that is trust, without trust we shutout ourselves from all those around us, we don’t properly communicate with ourselves and others around us, when these events happen, we are afraid to communicate with others, as we feel like we are showing a weakness, even though these events are not our fault.

                            We tend to blame ourselves for these events, as we feel there is something wrong with us, when we feel this way we then try to protect ourselves by, putting up an invisible wall, become someone we are not, in order to show that we are strong by suppressing our true feelings and emotions.

                             In the Society of today, it is looked at as a weakness, to have these true feelings and emotions, which makes it that much harder to show and very easy to suppress them hiding in plain sight, showing something in which we are not, our biggest fear from this is not being accepted by our fellow Human, we need to erase this whole outlook of this Society, in order for all of us to live in a Society of happiness and strength moving forward.

                             Life for each of us is hard enough, without all the added pressure we put on ourselves, if we all just be ourselves, show our true feelings and emotions, without fearing others around us will make us feel different, or make fun of us to make themselves look stronger, then we put up this fake identity, to be accepted, our Society would be a better Society in which to live, we all go through these events in some way shape or form, we just have to stay true to ourselves, address the issues when they come, so we can move forward stronger and better then before, if we all just be ourselves and not become something we are not, than life itself will reward us with happiness and good, for us to share with all that is around us.


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