It Happens to the best of us

                            We have all been shamed in some way, shape or form, in our lives as we walk our journey of life, shame isn’t a physical thing, it is a mental thing, that affects us very differently then just going to the doctor, for a sprain or a break, it affects our thought process, our minds and our sub-conscious, sometimes when things happen from a young age that we don’t understand, our instinct is to shut down, block our true feelings and emotions, then create these fake feelings and emotions, in order to protect ourselves from further harm.

                             We as Humans never want to show weakness, as this shows others we are weak, so we create this fake self, of ourselves, in order to show other’s we are strong, but to the contrary, when we show our true selves, we only become stronger, by creating this fake self, all we are doing is shutting down who we really are, burying all our true feelings, our true emotions and hiding in plain sight, we think we are alone with our thoughts and if we show them, then other’s will look at us in a different light of, weakness, strange or even not normal, but if we stay true to ourselves and open and honest with all around us, then just the opposite happens, we show how strong we really are.

                             Shame can affect us in ways we do not realize, when we deal with it by shutting down and creating a fake self of ourselves, all it does is compounds the problem/problems, to a point of explosion, which will make us do things that we are really not, our journey of life is a long one, full of highs and lows, it’s just that we as Human’s don’t want to become lower then our low’s, when we do then our lives we live, will become harder and make our journies become longer and harder then they have to.

                             Understanding our minds and our brains, is the hardest thing in our lives, it is more difficult then building the World’s super computer, but if we react to our actions differently, we can understand better of how our minds really work, each of us that walk this Earth, have our own minds, our thought process is different, which makes us as Humans, the most intriguing creature on this planet, we just don’t react to our actions in the right way, by showing our weaknesses from time to time, will truly make us stronger moving forward in the future.


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