Choices in ones Life

                            Life as we live it, is full of choices on a daily basis, these choices become a way of life, yes there are good as well as bad choices, but before we make these choices we need to not only research each one, but we need to look inside ourselves, to determine if that is the right choice for us and see if that choice will be truly better for now and on into the future.

                           We make choices everyday, whether these choices are mild, or whether they affect us in a major way, they are a choice that needs to be made, sometime we make them without thinking and looking into the future, to see if this choice will make us better or worse, when we do this, we then bring on a whole lot of other issues without being ready for the consequences, we then go into scrammble mode and our lives go out of balence, when our lives are out of balence, then everything we do becomes harder and seems like all our choices are made out of haste.

                             Choices are made everyday, they don’t have to be difficult, they should make our lives flow easier, to make the right choice we need to be truly in touch with ourselves, know all the reactions of these choices, before we take action on a choice, making a choice is not really that hard, it’s just that we make it hard by our actions.

                             When we live our lives in balence, everything in our lives just flows as smooth as silk, just like our money in the bank, when our check book is in balence, there are no issues, but when you don’t keep charge of the account, it becomes out of balence, then a lot of other issues start up, same thing with our lives, make a bad choice and everything else goes out of balence, our lives then become mixed up. we then keep moving and compounding the issues, instead of stopping, searching for where it went wrong, then taking action to correct it, so we then can put our lives back in balence.

                             The old quote “Life is what you make it”, is one of the best quotes to live by, because it is us as a person, that puts us into the positions we end up in, all the choices we make on our journey of life, is what determines in which way we go on our journey, so when we have a choice to make, really think it through, before you react to that choice, cause the ramifications could make your life difficult or easy.


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