Father’s Day

                            This is a day that in a lot of ways gets over looked, with a high percentage of Individuals within this Society, grow up with a single parent and more often then not, it is the Mother that brings up the child, the child sees everything through the Mother’s eyes, without the Father there doing his part, now the child sees only one perspective or side of life.

                            When a child is brought up with a Mother and a Father, like God had envisioned, you will then see a child grow up into Society with the strength and confidence, to achieve great things. Yes you will have some exceptions, but the majority only see life as one sided.

                            Father’s day is just as special as Mother’s day, this is a day to honor an Individual, that has had a huge impact, in the way you live your life today, Your Father does alot more then earning and provideing a living for his family, he guides you on your journey of life, from the begining and beyond, he supports you in all that you do, with your successes as well as your pitfalls, he shows you love that becomes a bond so strong, there is nothing on this planet that will break it, when you hurt, he hurts right along side of you, he even does the little things with you, like taking you to hockey practice, or hiking up a mountain, a Father is alot of things to his children, which alot of times gets over looked and taken for granted.

                              Mother’s day is more near and dear to us, cause she is the one that carries us inside for nine months, A Father is the one that shapes us into what we are, but within a Society as we are in, alot of Father’s are not around for us, to grow and be guided into life, so we then take this special day for granted.

                             Father’s day is just as special as Mother’s day, as the two of them together, bring us strength, compassion, empathy, guidence, support, love, enjoyment, togetherness and a strong family bond. With this Family bond, we then learn how to survive in Society, so we in turn can raise a strong family, then become the teacher like they did.

                              A Father is many things to us, we have father’s day to show him, he did well by us honoring him on this day, even if your Father has passed, he is still with you in spirit and still guiding you in his own way. A Father’s love for his children, is a strong one, no matter what happens in your life, that love is always there, you just need to reckcognize it, embrace it and feel it, when you do then you can achieve anything.

                   Happy Father’s day to all Father’s. Mostly to my Father, which I truly love more then he knows.


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