Tuukka time or Tebow time

                            With the Stanley cup finals about to start, this is definatly Tuukka time. He is the Bruins goalie that has performed as close to perfect as you will ever see an NHL Goalie perform in the NHL. Tuukka only allowed two goals, over a team in the Penguins, that without question, was the most powerful offense in the NHL, Tuukka has definatly earned the spotlight and our hearts.

                             Tim Tebow, has done nothing in the NFL except strike a pose, that has gone viral throughout the world, anybody think he will take away from Tom Brady’s playing time, is definately living in a dream world, to which they should come back to reality. Signing him at this time, I disagree with because it all about the Black and Gold right now, all the sport’s media have bought into this, showing just how shallow they are, now with that said, do I think it was a good signing? In Bill Belichek I trust, with him and Josh McDaniels calling the plays and the creativity they have shown, to come up with some trick plays, I do think they will make this work in their favor, using him as a Fullback, or maybe a third down back, to get the first down, then maybe a trick play or two, I do see the Patriots giving other teams fits with the unknown. This is not Tim Tebow time, this is Tuukka time, as he and the Bruins go for another Stanley cup.

                          The Boston Bruins have become a big favorite in this town, especially after the Marathon Bombings, the Bruins have been the front runner in the #bostonstrong slogan, starting with that very special National Anthem, when all the fans chipped in and sang in unity, honoring of the first responders and the hero’s of that day, plus the victims, with the biggest victim being Lil Martin Richards, with his pix of him at a Bruins game going viral, the Bruins have embraced him and this City and it shows, with how they are playing during this run, so to take time away from the Bruins, for Tim Tebow shows just how shallow the Boston Sports Media really is.

                             May the Bruins be blessed with strength, just like the victims of the Marathon recovering from their injuries, so the Bruins can finish mission 16 and bring home the Stanley cup to the City of Boston, Not only showing that they are the best in the NHL, but showing the whole Country that Boston is back and as unified as ever, no matter what the tradgedy, when there is unity, strength and hope, you will always believe that anything can be achieved, no matter how much the odds are stacked against you.

#bostonstrong forever


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