Having Compassion with true Empathy

                            In this World for which we live, we have taken strides away from being compassionate, we are involved within ourselves so much, we forget how or even that other’s have feelings also, having compassion goes alot further then being sad, it puts yourself into another person’s shoes, to see how they feel and percieve things.

                              In the World of today, we simply walk away when someone is hurt, cause we don’t want to be hurt ourselves, in the old days, people wouldn’t think twice they would just step right in to help, through the years as everything changed around us, we as Humans neglected to change, when things got tougher we build our own walls around ourselves, to keep ourselves safe, well as time moved forward, we didn’t instead we kept these walls, stayed within ourselves and didn’t care about anybody or anything.

                            Our Society today is evident of, lacking compassion of each other, just look within our neighborhoods, years ago everybody knew and cared for one another, now a days nobody chats or acknowledges of each other, if you passed in your home and had no family left, it would be weeks or months, before anybody even noticed a change, this is the sad reality of our Society right now.

                            Compassion and Empathy are one in the same, being sad is different then both them words, when you are sad, you cry to which the tears heal you and make you stronger, compassion and empathy is when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to feel how they feel, so you can help them, without expecting anything in return, you need to get to work in a hour, you don’t know how your going to get there you start walking, as you walk down the street someone stops picks you up, drops you off at work and never ask for anything, just drives away, that person showed compassion and empathy towards you, as he to maybe suffered a time of need in a similar situation, this is what helps us to live in happiness and peace.

                             Somewhere through the years our life cycle, of compassion and empathy broke, we lost all our true feelings and emotions, as we only feel for ourselves, we need to get this back, so we can all live in a Society of happiness and peace, just like we fix our cars when they break, well we need to fix ourselves also, sometimes those pains we feel even though we haven’t been physically hurt, well thats a sign something inside us hurts, alot of times we push them deeper inside us, to not show that we are weak, but all we are really doing is, compacting those feelings and emotions, then one day we snap or blow, then we wonder why? we need to fix ourselves just like we fix our cars, really dig down deep, get to the root of the problem, so we then can live with true comassion and empathy, not just for ourselves, but for those around us as well.

                             Having Compassion and Empathy are key to all of us, living in a World of happiness and peace, without these keys all we will see is, a life of tradgedy or saddness, God sent his only son to teach us this, well it’s time to relearn our ways, so we can make him proud of us once again, the answer to this World lies within each and every one of us, we need to dig down deep within ourselves, fix what’s wrong, so not only each of us, but the whole World lives in the same happiness and peace.


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