The Making of a Championship Team

                            What makes up a championship team, goes alot further then having the best talent. Talent is a good thing that will help you out score the other team, but you also need quality goaltending, to shut down the other team, which helps you out score them.

                            First you need a great coach and coaching staff, that put in place a winning system, also a coach that knows how to dicipline the players when need be, at the same time gain the respect of his players, so they buy in to the system, with the whole team on the same page, kind of like a father, bringing up his children.

                             2nd you go out and get a few talented players, with great attitudes, so you can build a team around these guys, guys that are great leaders and who can lead by example, these are the guys that buy into the system and sell it to their teammates.

                            Once you have those players in place, you then can go out and fill the other spots, these are the spots that are role players and are good at what they do, while working together with their teammates. You don’t just look at what they can do on the ice, you look at what they bring in the locker room as well, how they interact with their teammates, how they act outside the arena, do they put the team first, or do they play for themselves? There is alot more to look at, then putting the puck in the net.

                            The Chemistry of the team, is what drives this team to not only win, but win championships, they win for the fans, fellow teammates, the organization, coaches, all before themselves, when you have a team that plays together and is not selfish, that goes along way in any team sport, Chemistry of a team, will out win a talented team anyday, cause the chemistry team plays together with unity and can overcome anything in their way.

                              I am not saying talent won’t help you, it definatly helps, but a talented team with good chemistry, wins championships. The New York Yankees are prime example, yes they can win with paying for high talent, maybe a championship or two, but what have they done lately? Now you have guys out for themselves and about the money, instead of playing the game, Athletes that play for the love of the game, instead of all about me and the money, will have longer careers and a more successful career, guys like Patrice Bergeron, of the Boston Bruins, are a perfect example of this.

                              Claude Julien and Bill Belichek, are two of the best Coaches we have seen here in Boston Sports, yes the Media will come out and critisize them for certain things, cause they don’t understand them, these two Coaches have their systems in place, look for certain players that will excel in their system, these players may not be the most talented, but within their systems, look like the best players in their sports. with their successes of winning, now you get players that will come to the team, for less money, just to win and win championships.

                           To build a good team in any sport, it goes alot deeper then talent, unlike what you hear in the Sports Media, talent is good and take you there, but to sustain that greatness, you need the chemistry of the team moving forward, with the right mix of talent and chemistry, you can build a great team over a longer time frame.


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