Life’s lessons from our Sport’s

                            Those of us familiar with the sport of hockey, know that it is more then just a sport, it is a blue collar sport, that when we care to open our eyes and see, it also teaches us lessons in life also.

                             The series between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburg Penguins, are showing us a lesson in life and not just how great the sport of hockey is, going into this series, Penguins have two of the best goal scorers in the league, they are heavily favorited to win this series, with that said, the Bruins are up three games to zero and the stars of the Penguins are scoreless.

                            Why have the Bruins been playing so great? your answer is, they play as a team, within the system of the Coach and to their strengths. Plus when you have faith in your abilities, their is also hope, this Bruins team is a very special team, as they believe in each other, they have each other’s backs, they have a solid believe in their leaders to not only be in the trenches with, but to lead them to victory, when you have that unity, faith, believe and hope, you can over come any obsticle.

                            Just like the Bruins are doing on the ice, we to can do this in life. Sometimes we get lost, can’t find our way, become so over whelmed, that we make bad choices and compound the problem, this is when we need to step back, believe and have faith in ourselves, have confidence in our abilities, then we can have hope, when there is hope, then we can truly overcome any obsticle in our path.

                            Every now and then, a team comes along like the Bruins that not only plays our favorite sport, but teaches and shows us these lessons, sometimes we can’t see this, cause we have blinders on and don’t want to see it, but when we have an open mind, we can truly see beyond the sport, then see how truly special the Boston Bruins really are.

                             This can happen with any sport, but more so with hockey, because of the “blue collar” work ethnic involved in the sport, a hockey player is a much different breed, then any other sports player, they are regular guys like you and me, so as we watch these players, go for the Stanley Cup, let’s sit back and enjoy the ride, as we see our own lives change for the better, with the same believe, faith, playing to our strengths, so we can have hope, to over come all that is before us.


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