To build or not to Build

                            In lew of another tradgedy, this time in Pennsylvania, where 12 people were injured in a building collapse, shows a major problem with our infrastructure, all over our Country of America. 12 lives affected, when it could of been avoided, before hand.

                             We keep building and building, chopping down trees that give us oxygen, clearing land and forcing out other wildlife, which is why we have Bears and other animal life, wandering our neiborhoods, we all want that special place to live or work, but in doing so, we are neglecting our infrastructure and buildings, that are sitting vacant, rotting away, with nobody to care for them, then they fall and hurt us as we walk innocently by.

                            If we were to tear down these buildings and build new buildings in their place, we are doing alot more then protecting fellow citizens, we are making our communities more beautiful, we are saving our trees, that supply us with oxygen, which in turn cuts down on the smog, as the breeze moves it away, instead of being stagnent over our heads, we are keeping the wildlife in their proper homes, so they won’t wander in ours.

                            With all the good that will come from rebuilding, far outweighs what new buildings will bring, so why are we not doing this? why are we just letting old buildings sit? These are two very good questions, we need to ask ourselves, does building a new building for a company, or a new community for us to live, really worth more then the price of Human life?

                             When we are all not around to enjoy all these things, then why did we keep building new in the first place? If we just tear down the old buildings, now we can have that new building, fix up our community and save a tree, plus keep the wildlife in their homes, it is a win win for all living things. all around this Planet, we have the greatest minds, but sometimes we lack real common sense, to see the writing on the wall and fix what is wrong, rather we just keep building, til all is gone, for us ourselves to even survive.

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