Communications in our lives

                            Communication is a big part of our lives and how we live within Society, it’s the non-communication and the wrong kind of communication that makes this Society a “broken society”.

                            We all believe in the 1st Amendment, but it is the way that the 1st amendment is percieved in today’s world, that has become a problem for all of us, we are too political correct and are to afraid of offending anybody, to see what the true meaning of the 1st amendment really stands for. We also think that we are communicating, when we speak the untruths and digging up the dirt on our fellow man, this is not the type of communicating that breeds happiness, within our Society, sometimes when we say nothing of someone else, it’s our non words, that speak louder then our real words.

                            Sometimes in our lives, we go through events, that force us to shut down, surpress our real feelings and emotions, instead of truly communicating about it, in order to correct the situation or problem, then moving forward to live happy, with confidence and strength, instead by shutting down, we communicate in a negative way, that creates even more problems, for ourselves and those around us.

                             Communication is a huge part of our everyday lives, when we do it the right way, we can live a life of happiness, with confidence and strength, when we communicate in a negative way, we bring deception and sadness to our lives and the lives to those around us. The same goes for our Politicians, when they communicate in a negative way, to their peers in office so they can look more powerful, all they are doing is bringing deception, to all of us, which over the long run, rips apart each and every one of us, within this Society.

                            True Communication is very easy for us to do, but the way we are doing it, makes it very difficult for us to move forward in our lives, so we all can live in happiness and peace, when we are true to ourselves, with honesty, trust, and love, then true communication will be 2nd nature and we don’t even have to think about it, because it will just happen, when we are afraid of truly communicating, then being truly honest with ourselves and other’s around us, gets surpressed, by which then creates a whole lot of other issues, true honesty and communication, is what we need to get back to, so we all can live a life in happiness and peace.  

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