Our Government…Scandels

                            The latest to fall victim of the scandel that has become our Goverment, is the IRS, these are Individuals that have abused their power for a long time, what has country line dancing, have to do with the debits and credits, of our tax monies?

                             We are all afraid to question the IRS, cause we don’t want them putting us in a tax bracket, that we can’t afford. No matter who you are, the IRS has affected all of us, at one time or another, Washington DC is nothing but a “Power Game”, it’s all about each of them getting the upper hand on each other, no matter who they destroy, unfortunatly the ones that get hurt the most, is us the American people, our Government is supposed to work for the people, not screw the people, so they can get rich and have all the power.

                            The “Power Game”, has been going on long before many of us were born, it has become the status quo, so nobody ever attempted to change this, but made every attempt to join in, so they to can get rich, all our Politicians of today, will tell us what we want to hear, so they can get the votes needed, to stay inside Government, to continue to get rich at our expense, if the Politician says he is not like that, he/she just lied to your face. all the backroom deals behind the closed doors, is nothing but a game, for our Politicians to get rich at our expense and stab us in the backs, so they can achieve all the power, which leaves us the people, just a pawn for their quest.

                             The way for us the people to combat this is, stand up to them, show we fear them no more, by voting smarter, researching each candidate thoroughly before we decide, not just closing our eyes and voting for a name that the pen lands on, we need to expose Washington DC for what it is, a “power game”, when a Politician says it is not, then we need to call them out for it and have them prove to us publically, that it is not, we also need to hold each of them accountable daily, on everything they do, even going to dinner.

                            This Power Game has been going on for a long time, it is time we the people take back the power, cause those in DC, can’t handle it. All they want to do is, screw us, to line their pockets with all the money. Our Government should be made up of great leaders, right now, we have no true leaders, only people that give themselves that title, that haven’t done a thing to deserve it. The time to change is now, it may take years? But it can be done, to make this Country great once again.

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