When the Bad happens to the Good

                            Sometimes in life, we need to experience the worst, in order to make us appreciate the good we have, within this Society we live, when bad happens to us, we lose faith, have doubt and ask a big question, Why me?

                              Bad things happen to all of us, it is not because God loves us any less, he actually loves us all equally, no matter who we are, God allows the bad to happen, to teach us to respect all the good in our lives even more. Just like back when he asked Adam and Eve not to touch that certain fruit tree, it is Human Nature to touch something in which we are asked not to touch, this is when God created Sin, so we learn to forgive and we don’t live through doubt, that will help us keep the faith, that through the bad, the good will always prevail.

                             We all have some kind of bad happen to us, sometime in our lives, whether it is a natural disaster, to an illness we suffer through, or whether it is an event that happens to us, these are all ways that God prepares us for living the Eternal Life, God also showed us this, when he sent his only son to us, in the name of Jesus Christ, he to suffered, died and was buried, this was God’s way of showing his love to all of us, he also showed us that, no matter what we do in life, he will always forgive us, love us and welcome us to eternal life.

                             Sometimes in life, we all need to change our ways, this is very difficult to do, as we are afraid to change, afraid to face our fears, afraid of showing other’s our weakness, but if we have total faith and love in God, he will help us through those fears, then guide us to the path of rightousness, so our true Journey of life, will be that of happiness, instead of a Journey of sadness.

                             The biggest step, is to admitting to ourselves of our failures, our weaknesses, our fears and our guilts, once we do all this, then the healing process begins, with the true faith in God, we will overcome all that is put before us, sometimes the Journey is a long one, but when done the right way, it is a Journey of true happiness, with true feelings and emotions, Life is not perfect, nor are those that live their lives, we all make mistakes, we all make wrong turns on our Journey, we all have some bumps in the road, but it is how react to them and let faith guide us back, to the path of good, that will determine our destiny, in our lives.

                             God loves us all very much, no matter who we are on this Planet, so much so, that he sent his only son to us, not to only show us, the path to rightousness, but to suffer, die, then be buried and as he rose again, he showed us, that when we do it right, we will all live in Eternity, where there is happiness and peace.


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