having something to say, afraid to speak the truth

                            With this Society we live today, it is very cut throat, stab you in the back, all about me Society. We are so wrapped up in the Political correction, we can’t even speak the truth anymore, without fearing we will offend someone, then when something goes wrong, instead of owning up to the problem, we than point the finger at other’s, as to make ourselves look like we are perfect, when people speak out of this process, they are criticized and cast as someone to avoid by all.

                             Paula Deen has been fired for using a Racial slur on her program, Hello? Just walk dow Main street in Anytown, USA. those same words are thrown around by all of any age and there is not one thing done about it. go to a sporting event with your family, very quickly that event will go from a “G” rating, to an “R” rating,  those racial slurs that we get in trouble for, that “supposedly” we target a certain Human, are also being used by those Individuals, liike it is part of their vocabulary, so if they use that word in their vocabulary, then why is it not ok for us to say the same word?

                             The meaning of the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T, this word goes along way in our Society, this is also a word in which we have come to ignore in this all about me Society, when we Respect each other as equals, there will never be Racism anywhere on the face of this planet. We Humans have created this so called word “Racism”, to escape the truths, point the finger of blame, to create this so called power over each other, this is the biggest sin we all do, in the eyes of God.

                            God will forgive us no matter what the sin, he just wants us all to be true to ourselves and of each other, showing our love and respect each and every day of our lives. Everything that happens to us, will happen for a reason, whether it’s a tradgedy or a natural diseaster, this is a sign from God showing we need to change and he is not happy with what we are doing, God will guide us on our journey, but it is up to us to prove to him, we are worthy with our actions.

                             When we speak the truth, it is ok to speak of each other with respect, as this is a way for us to recieve constructive criticsm, so we can change our ways to be better and stronger moving forward, when we don’t speak, for fear of offending someone, we will never know the real truth, then we all become this fake Society, that is broken and worthless. An open and free Society is excactly that, we speak openly as to be truthful and respectful, so that our Society will be free with worthiness and a purpose.


Having a good thing, then losing it because of stupidity

                            In the case of Arron Hernandez, he was gifted enough as an athlete, to make the NFL, he had the World by the short hairs, but because of his lack of self esteem, stupidity and his ties to the gang, he lost everything he had with stupid decisions.

                             These situations happen alot more then we hear about, we all have some kind of troubled past, that we let control our lives moving forward, we not only hurt ourselves, we hurt those around us and close to us even more, but because we act with stupidity and don’t acknowledge our past in a way to fix it so we can move forward with confidence and strength, when our troubles control us, we tend to supress things, to try to forget, but what we are really doing is, turning our minds into a mind of denial, so we can fit in and form a fake identity, to hide in plain sight.

                             With Arron Hernandez, he turned to the gang to fit in, then used his gifted talent to make the NFL and get a big payday, to which he helped fund the gang activities with the money, that was his way of hiding in plain sight, this is not trying to make an excuse for him, because it’s his actions that has created these events for him, but if he attacked his troubled past from the beginning, fixed what was wrong, than he may not be in this kind of trouble and maybe might be able to enjoy his fame as a proffessional athlete.

                            Hernandez not only hurt himself by his actions, but has hurt all those around him, as well as all the young football players, that looked up to him, so maybe they to can be a proffessional football athlete, we all lose sight of our actions from time to time, we tend to not think of the ramifications til it is to late, but if we think before we react, look beyond the choices we make, before we make those choices, fix our troubles instead of supressing them, then our lives will be alot more happier, with confidence and strength, as we move forward in the future.


Devastating loss or great season by a special team

                            We all want to see our favorite team win championships, that is the main goal every year as they play the games of the season, now with that said.

                            The Boston Bruins were more then a great team on the ice, they were an awesome team off the ice, to the fans as well as to the City of Boston.

                            The way the season started, or should I say almost never started from the lockout, all the way up to the Tradgedy of the Marathon and the way this team took the entire city and region on there backs, all the way through the playoffs, shows how much heart and how special this team is, not just to their teammates, but to the entire region of Boston. The term #bostonstrong was created, showing unity for all in this region, to bring strength back to it, showing we will not be defeated and the Bruins took that to heart, showing each and every one of us, that no matter the tradgedy, we will always move forward stronger and better.

                             Some along the journey of Mission 16, tried to make this #bostonstrong slogan their own, by creating for their team, those are the ones that just don’t get what it truly means, the entire team took this slogan very seriously and to their hearts, which it showed very much by their actions, the Boston Bruins are a very special team, made up of a great organization and showed by the players every game through the playoffs.

                             This whole special playoff run, started with the first game back from the tradgedy, by showing what #bostonstrong really means and singing a National Anthem, in a way I will never forget, with Renee Rancourt starting it, than letting the fans in the Garden finish it LOUD and PROUD.

                             I have been a Boston Bruins fan all my life, I have never been more proud of this team and organization then I am right now, The spoked “B” will always be a symbol of unity and #bostonstrong from now on throughout my life.

                            With all that said, I do understand that the game of hockey is a business, I also know that this special group of guys who made up this team, can’t stay together forever, but each one of these guys will always have a spot in my heart for what they did this year, even though there won’t be a championship parade, this special team deserves a big standing ovation and a big thank you, for what they did this year by each and every one of us the fans, the City of Boston and the Region, thank you Boston Bruins, the players, the Coaching staff, the Management and the Organization.


The Evolution and Life Cycles

                            We Humans living on this planet, share this land with all other creatures, yes we are a creature like the other’s, but a little more sophisticated, we are the ones that are supposed to know better? Now as you can see we have become our own worst enemies, we take ownership of everything and anything around us, those material things in which we buy, are just that material, when our time of exsistence has come and gone here on this planet, we can’t take those material things with us, just like when Jesus came to us, he had nothing, but yet was the richest man on this planet, as he showed us the correct path to our Journey of life, which is the path of rightousness.

                             When we look back in the Archives of the begginning of planet Earth, to the present day, we shall see that there was alot of evolution that has happened over time, with this evolution, everything goes through a cycle throughout life, with these evolutions and life cycles, we need to accept the bad, to correct it, so we can move forward with strength and happiness, this is a way of us proving to God, that his only son in Jesus, came here for no reason, that we did learn from him, so we then ourselves can spread the love of God to all other’s, that we come across on our journey of life.

                            A lot of times when we don’t understand something, we then shut it out, hoping that it will just disappear, but the reality of it, is that when we do this, all we are doing is suppressing our true feelings and emotions, then later in life along our journey, these suppressions come back to the top, bigger and stronger than they should be, if only we addressed them then, just like life has it’s cycles that spins around us, we to as Humans go through our life cycle, as we walk the path of our journey of life.

                             As we live our lives and go through our life cycles, sometimes along the journey, we develop a bad link in that chain of our life cycle, it’s then we need to evolve so that we can break that link and replace it with a better and stronger link, when we address that problem in the begining, then our lives we live, along our journey, will be that of true happiness, with true feelings and emotions.


As we grow from a young age

                           We are all born into this world the same way, we are all fragile with a very open mind, that is ready to be filled with happy thoughts and knowledge, it is what we observe and learn at a young age, that determines what we become later in life.

                             Some of us are born into this world from a Mother and a Father, who through their love of each other, create a child to raise together, showing that love everyday, in today’s Society, more often then not, a child is brought into this world only by the Mother, with the Father no where to be seen, now the child is starting their life behind the 8-ball, only seeing one side of life and not being able to build a solid foundation to help them grow stronger into a tough Society.

                            Some of us who do grow into Society, with a loving Mother and Father, encounter one or many events, that change how they think of themselves and the world around them, these events when they happen and don’t get the proper addressment, change us in a way that we are not, the biggest change is that we lose a major component of all our lives and that is trust, without trust we shutout ourselves from all those around us, we don’t properly communicate with ourselves and others around us, when these events happen, we are afraid to communicate with others, as we feel like we are showing a weakness, even though these events are not our fault.

                            We tend to blame ourselves for these events, as we feel there is something wrong with us, when we feel this way we then try to protect ourselves by, putting up an invisible wall, become someone we are not, in order to show that we are strong by suppressing our true feelings and emotions.

                             In the Society of today, it is looked at as a weakness, to have these true feelings and emotions, which makes it that much harder to show and very easy to suppress them hiding in plain sight, showing something in which we are not, our biggest fear from this is not being accepted by our fellow Human, we need to erase this whole outlook of this Society, in order for all of us to live in a Society of happiness and strength moving forward.

                             Life for each of us is hard enough, without all the added pressure we put on ourselves, if we all just be ourselves, show our true feelings and emotions, without fearing others around us will make us feel different, or make fun of us to make themselves look stronger, then we put up this fake identity, to be accepted, our Society would be a better Society in which to live, we all go through these events in some way shape or form, we just have to stay true to ourselves, address the issues when they come, so we can move forward stronger and better then before, if we all just be ourselves and not become something we are not, than life itself will reward us with happiness and good, for us to share with all that is around us.


It Happens to the best of us

                            We have all been shamed in some way, shape or form, in our lives as we walk our journey of life, shame isn’t a physical thing, it is a mental thing, that affects us very differently then just going to the doctor, for a sprain or a break, it affects our thought process, our minds and our sub-conscious, sometimes when things happen from a young age that we don’t understand, our instinct is to shut down, block our true feelings and emotions, then create these fake feelings and emotions, in order to protect ourselves from further harm.

                             We as Humans never want to show weakness, as this shows others we are weak, so we create this fake self, of ourselves, in order to show other’s we are strong, but to the contrary, when we show our true selves, we only become stronger, by creating this fake self, all we are doing is shutting down who we really are, burying all our true feelings, our true emotions and hiding in plain sight, we think we are alone with our thoughts and if we show them, then other’s will look at us in a different light of, weakness, strange or even not normal, but if we stay true to ourselves and open and honest with all around us, then just the opposite happens, we show how strong we really are.

                             Shame can affect us in ways we do not realize, when we deal with it by shutting down and creating a fake self of ourselves, all it does is compounds the problem/problems, to a point of explosion, which will make us do things that we are really not, our journey of life is a long one, full of highs and lows, it’s just that we as Human’s don’t want to become lower then our low’s, when we do then our lives we live, will become harder and make our journies become longer and harder then they have to.

                             Understanding our minds and our brains, is the hardest thing in our lives, it is more difficult then building the World’s super computer, but if we react to our actions differently, we can understand better of how our minds really work, each of us that walk this Earth, have our own minds, our thought process is different, which makes us as Humans, the most intriguing creature on this planet, we just don’t react to our actions in the right way, by showing our weaknesses from time to time, will truly make us stronger moving forward in the future.


Choices in ones Life

                            Life as we live it, is full of choices on a daily basis, these choices become a way of life, yes there are good as well as bad choices, but before we make these choices we need to not only research each one, but we need to look inside ourselves, to determine if that is the right choice for us and see if that choice will be truly better for now and on into the future.

                           We make choices everyday, whether these choices are mild, or whether they affect us in a major way, they are a choice that needs to be made, sometime we make them without thinking and looking into the future, to see if this choice will make us better or worse, when we do this, we then bring on a whole lot of other issues without being ready for the consequences, we then go into scrammble mode and our lives go out of balence, when our lives are out of balence, then everything we do becomes harder and seems like all our choices are made out of haste.

                             Choices are made everyday, they don’t have to be difficult, they should make our lives flow easier, to make the right choice we need to be truly in touch with ourselves, know all the reactions of these choices, before we take action on a choice, making a choice is not really that hard, it’s just that we make it hard by our actions.

                             When we live our lives in balence, everything in our lives just flows as smooth as silk, just like our money in the bank, when our check book is in balence, there are no issues, but when you don’t keep charge of the account, it becomes out of balence, then a lot of other issues start up, same thing with our lives, make a bad choice and everything else goes out of balence, our lives then become mixed up. we then keep moving and compounding the issues, instead of stopping, searching for where it went wrong, then taking action to correct it, so we then can put our lives back in balence.

                             The old quote “Life is what you make it”, is one of the best quotes to live by, because it is us as a person, that puts us into the positions we end up in, all the choices we make on our journey of life, is what determines in which way we go on our journey, so when we have a choice to make, really think it through, before you react to that choice, cause the ramifications could make your life difficult or easy.


Father’s Day

                            This is a day that in a lot of ways gets over looked, with a high percentage of Individuals within this Society, grow up with a single parent and more often then not, it is the Mother that brings up the child, the child sees everything through the Mother’s eyes, without the Father there doing his part, now the child sees only one perspective or side of life.

                            When a child is brought up with a Mother and a Father, like God had envisioned, you will then see a child grow up into Society with the strength and confidence, to achieve great things. Yes you will have some exceptions, but the majority only see life as one sided.

                            Father’s day is just as special as Mother’s day, this is a day to honor an Individual, that has had a huge impact, in the way you live your life today, Your Father does alot more then earning and provideing a living for his family, he guides you on your journey of life, from the begining and beyond, he supports you in all that you do, with your successes as well as your pitfalls, he shows you love that becomes a bond so strong, there is nothing on this planet that will break it, when you hurt, he hurts right along side of you, he even does the little things with you, like taking you to hockey practice, or hiking up a mountain, a Father is alot of things to his children, which alot of times gets over looked and taken for granted.

                              Mother’s day is more near and dear to us, cause she is the one that carries us inside for nine months, A Father is the one that shapes us into what we are, but within a Society as we are in, alot of Father’s are not around for us, to grow and be guided into life, so we then take this special day for granted.

                             Father’s day is just as special as Mother’s day, as the two of them together, bring us strength, compassion, empathy, guidence, support, love, enjoyment, togetherness and a strong family bond. With this Family bond, we then learn how to survive in Society, so we in turn can raise a strong family, then become the teacher like they did.

                              A Father is many things to us, we have father’s day to show him, he did well by us honoring him on this day, even if your Father has passed, he is still with you in spirit and still guiding you in his own way. A Father’s love for his children, is a strong one, no matter what happens in your life, that love is always there, you just need to reckcognize it, embrace it and feel it, when you do then you can achieve anything.

                   Happy Father’s day to all Father’s. Mostly to my Father, which I truly love more then he knows.


Tuukka time or Tebow time

                            With the Stanley cup finals about to start, this is definatly Tuukka time. He is the Bruins goalie that has performed as close to perfect as you will ever see an NHL Goalie perform in the NHL. Tuukka only allowed two goals, over a team in the Penguins, that without question, was the most powerful offense in the NHL, Tuukka has definatly earned the spotlight and our hearts.

                             Tim Tebow, has done nothing in the NFL except strike a pose, that has gone viral throughout the world, anybody think he will take away from Tom Brady’s playing time, is definately living in a dream world, to which they should come back to reality. Signing him at this time, I disagree with because it all about the Black and Gold right now, all the sport’s media have bought into this, showing just how shallow they are, now with that said, do I think it was a good signing? In Bill Belichek I trust, with him and Josh McDaniels calling the plays and the creativity they have shown, to come up with some trick plays, I do think they will make this work in their favor, using him as a Fullback, or maybe a third down back, to get the first down, then maybe a trick play or two, I do see the Patriots giving other teams fits with the unknown. This is not Tim Tebow time, this is Tuukka time, as he and the Bruins go for another Stanley cup.

                          The Boston Bruins have become a big favorite in this town, especially after the Marathon Bombings, the Bruins have been the front runner in the #bostonstrong slogan, starting with that very special National Anthem, when all the fans chipped in and sang in unity, honoring of the first responders and the hero’s of that day, plus the victims, with the biggest victim being Lil Martin Richards, with his pix of him at a Bruins game going viral, the Bruins have embraced him and this City and it shows, with how they are playing during this run, so to take time away from the Bruins, for Tim Tebow shows just how shallow the Boston Sports Media really is.

                             May the Bruins be blessed with strength, just like the victims of the Marathon recovering from their injuries, so the Bruins can finish mission 16 and bring home the Stanley cup to the City of Boston, Not only showing that they are the best in the NHL, but showing the whole Country that Boston is back and as unified as ever, no matter what the tradgedy, when there is unity, strength and hope, you will always believe that anything can be achieved, no matter how much the odds are stacked against you.

#bostonstrong forever


Having Compassion with true Empathy

                            In this World for which we live, we have taken strides away from being compassionate, we are involved within ourselves so much, we forget how or even that other’s have feelings also, having compassion goes alot further then being sad, it puts yourself into another person’s shoes, to see how they feel and percieve things.

                              In the World of today, we simply walk away when someone is hurt, cause we don’t want to be hurt ourselves, in the old days, people wouldn’t think twice they would just step right in to help, through the years as everything changed around us, we as Humans neglected to change, when things got tougher we build our own walls around ourselves, to keep ourselves safe, well as time moved forward, we didn’t instead we kept these walls, stayed within ourselves and didn’t care about anybody or anything.

                            Our Society today is evident of, lacking compassion of each other, just look within our neighborhoods, years ago everybody knew and cared for one another, now a days nobody chats or acknowledges of each other, if you passed in your home and had no family left, it would be weeks or months, before anybody even noticed a change, this is the sad reality of our Society right now.

                            Compassion and Empathy are one in the same, being sad is different then both them words, when you are sad, you cry to which the tears heal you and make you stronger, compassion and empathy is when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to feel how they feel, so you can help them, without expecting anything in return, you need to get to work in a hour, you don’t know how your going to get there you start walking, as you walk down the street someone stops picks you up, drops you off at work and never ask for anything, just drives away, that person showed compassion and empathy towards you, as he to maybe suffered a time of need in a similar situation, this is what helps us to live in happiness and peace.

                             Somewhere through the years our life cycle, of compassion and empathy broke, we lost all our true feelings and emotions, as we only feel for ourselves, we need to get this back, so we can all live in a Society of happiness and peace, just like we fix our cars when they break, well we need to fix ourselves also, sometimes those pains we feel even though we haven’t been physically hurt, well thats a sign something inside us hurts, alot of times we push them deeper inside us, to not show that we are weak, but all we are really doing is, compacting those feelings and emotions, then one day we snap or blow, then we wonder why? we need to fix ourselves just like we fix our cars, really dig down deep, get to the root of the problem, so we then can live with true comassion and empathy, not just for ourselves, but for those around us as well.

                             Having Compassion and Empathy are key to all of us, living in a World of happiness and peace, without these keys all we will see is, a life of tradgedy or saddness, God sent his only son to teach us this, well it’s time to relearn our ways, so we can make him proud of us once again, the answer to this World lies within each and every one of us, we need to dig down deep within ourselves, fix what’s wrong, so not only each of us, but the whole World lives in the same happiness and peace.