To be or not to be

                            All of us in our lives, strive to be the very best in everything we do, we learn, practice and implement, a variety of diferent choices and things, that we dream will make us successful. The fact is, there is only a small percentage of us, that truely experience the true happiness in which we set out to achieve.

                            The majority of us, get stuck in the what if world, which we then become unhappy with other’s around us, we take to complaining and digging up the dirt of other’s, to try to make our selves look better then everybody else, we then become something in which we are not, then as time goes by, we are forced to continue this process, cause we think it is accepted, but truly what we are doing is creating a fake reality, that does nothing but bring us more problems.

                             Life in general is very difficult on it’s own, with all the life events and situations, that happen to all of us, make life even more difficult, we need to understand the why? It happens, so we can attack each situation with confidence when they happen, so we then have a feeling of accomplishment, so we can move on with confidence, strength and happiness.

                             Life everyday of our lives, is very hard work, there is no easy route, some of us may think we have the answer to an easy life, but in reality those so-called easy ways, become much harder, then the actual route of life, our lives are determined by the way we live it, if we do it right, love ourselves and all those around us, then the good will come, but if we dislike ourselves and other’s, then the evil and bad will follow us everywhere.

                              Life is truly what we make it, when we live a life of lies, fake portrayal, cheating etc… Then our lives will be full of that deception.

                               We don’t have to make our lives harder, then life already is, if each one of us can find that, “TRUE EMPATHY”, of each other, this world would be a better place to live. All we have to do is, be our true self’s attack all the life’s events as they happen and not procrastinate, til they get so big that we can’t handle them anymore, when we do this we get so overwhelmed, we then take them out on other’s, which disrupts the normal flow of life and other’s, that are trying to do it right.

 “Life’s Destiny we can control, we need not let it control us”.


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