On a Daily Basis

                            As I lay my head, on the pillow to sleep, I do the same each and every night, I find alot of times my brain is restless, to which I can’t sleep, hours go by as I am still awake, I say why? Why can’t I sleep?

                            Sometimes in a life of fast paced, we forget how to unwind and relax, to ease our brain into a state of sleepiness, instead I come home from a long day, take a nap to refresh, then come bed time, I can’t get my brain to stop working and shut down for some sleep, I try everything, but just lay there with eyes wide open.

                              Sleep is the best thing for our bodies, as it heals us from all our troubles, when we disappear into Rem, it’s our natural way of shutting down, to recharge and feel renewed, nobody will ever know, where we go deep into Rem, it is a spot only God know’s, cause he puts us there, when we become so stressed and troubled, that he wants to help us heal, from all our troubles.

                            When we supress our troubles, to try to forget, we are not doing ourself’s any good, all we our doing is forcing our brains and minds to over work, as this leads to non sleep, of our bodies, then we wake up in morning more tired then when we went to bed, to retrain our sleeping habits, is to retrain ourselves and what we do each day, how we react to our problems, then finish our days, as we get ready for a truly good nights sleep.

                             It is not about how much we squeeze in each day, by our jobs, going to the gym, or other extra-curricular activities, it is how we pace ourselves, with moderation, then deal with all our troubles, so we can be truly happy and get the right kind of sleep. In today’s Society, we drive ourselves crazy with trying to fit in, or even keeping up, when all we need for true happiness, is, just be ourselves and fix our problems as they happen, so they don’t compound any larger, then we can be at peace and happiness.


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