Just a thought on this Memorial day weekend

                            As we all spend time with family and friends on this Memorial Weekend.

                            Let us not only remember those brave souls who served and are serving, this great country, that have gave or are giving their lives for us to live in freedom, but let us also remember our loved ones who have passed in our own lives, these are the people who have shaped us into who we are. Some may have had bad experiences by these Individuals and have shaped us into something that we are not, sometimes in life we are lead by other’s, that do nothing but harm us, but unfortunately from a young age, we don’t understand this and follow a direction, that does nothing but harm ourselves and we are afraid to confront these people, so we end up living a life of denial, to protect ourselves further, we end up becoming something we are not, by hiding in plain sight and not showing our time of weakness.

                            We all have fallen prey to this kind of control in some shape or form, but unfortunitly in our Society, you are looked at as weak, if you speak out against people like this, what we need to change is, it is okay to speak out, or call out someone that harms us, even if we speak through the tears, cause tears are not weakness, but strength, they are a way to heal us from harm, so we can move forward stronger and better. This Society today, is more about fiction, then it is about fact, just look around within everything you do in a day’s time.

                            So as we celebrate another Memorial Day, let us all remember all those who have served and are serving, that have fought for this Country with pride and strength, even through the tears, from anguish, they helped bring freedom to this land of America, for all of us to enjoy. Let us also remember all our loved ones who have come and gone, even if some has harmed us, let us forgive them, so we to can move forward with strength, to be free and enjoy the freedom of this land. Life is a very precious thing, some may live longer then other’s, but none the less, life has to be enjoyed everyday, not taken for granted, from fear or weakness, so let’s enjoy it together in peace, happiness and the American way.

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