The Hockey Times

 Hockey is a sport that is played on a cold service called ice,

 Hockey is a sport that is fast full of energy with lots of twists,

 Hockey always will be a blue collar sport showing hard work,

 Hockey is a tough sport on occaission showing some fists,

 Hockey to some may be hard to watch to others it is a perk,

 Hockey is about the team when they win we are louder then the mice.



 Hockey takes an extreme amount of courage as you block that slapshot,

 Hockey takes great skill as you stick handle around five men,

 Hockey is full of action unlike baseball that makes you sleepy.

 hockey is played on skates with a blade as narrow as a pen,

 Hockey is for the tough with big hearts not for weak and weepy,

 Hockey sticks give you leverage for that good shot like a rifle loaded with buckshot.


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