Memorial Day Weekend

                            As we all get ready for another three day weekend, let us not forget who, why and how we are able to live our lives in freedom.

                             In this Society of today, we get caught up in the flow of, “keeping up with the Jones”, this is a quote, that should never of been said, as it forces us to lose sight of our own real lives and makes us form an imaginary life, that we try to portray.

                            When the days that America was first discovered, there were Individuals living here, that not only lived here, but did so in a manner that showed great strength and courage in which to survive, as America was discovered these Individuals were invaded, as from that day their lives were changed forever.

                             When all our Technology was first invented, it changed our lives today, the very same way, those Individuals of America’s past have changed, with the discovering of America, this technology was supposed to help us move forward in the future and make our lives easier, but it has done just the opposite, it has forced us against each other, by trying to out do each other, technology was suppose to help us communicate better, but it has done the opposite by, stripping us of the face to face interaction of each other, which makes us not feel our true feelings and enotions, without these we lose sight of who we really are. 

                            Throughout time, yes there have been true hero’s that have died for this Country, to help us live in freedom, with our families, in this Society we pay homage to people that should not be made into a hero, these people have really done nothing, to help in our freedom, when a soldier dies fighting for this Country, he might get a mention in the media, but when an actor dies, the media makes this “breaking news” for a week, this is what we need to change in our Society.

                              America is truly a great Country, with this weekend apon us, we need not celebrate by endorsing drinking and partying, we need to truly with our hearts, remember all of those, throughout our history, that have either put their lives on the line, or have died for this great Country, these are our true Hero’s that we have forgotten, these are the ones that gave us in this Society our rights and our freedoms. With these rights and freedoms comes responsibilities, being responsible is something we have forgotten, with all the “keeping up with the Jones”, we in this Society have lost sight and got off track, when we truly love and respect one another, we can get back on track, to truly honor our true Hero’s.

                            These true Hero’s, did so as a team with other’s in unity, to help make America great, as we celebrate this weekend, let’s take a trip down memory lane, a time in history, that made America great, a time where all our comforts of today didn’t exsist, you really had to put in a hard days work in order to survive, a time where other Countries, tried to invade us and our soldiers, put their lives on the line for this Country, so the future of this Country can live in freedom.

                           Memorial Day is truly a day where, we get to remember our fallen, with respect, so we can learn from them, live our own lives with love, for ourselves and all those around us, forget all the hate as we live in a way, they have envisioned, when they died for this Country. America is truly the greatest of all the Countries, it is time we in this Society show this, by our actions of ourselves and those that are around us.


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